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YouTuber enjoy fully loaded pizza with green mint chutney! Would you like to try it?

We often come across so many varieties of Pizza that always tend to win our hearts as who can stay away from the amazing dish. From different pizza bases to different pizza toppings can we ever get enough of the unique varieties of Pizza that we find. Well it is also true that we come across many Pizza varieties and different recipes where the classic Pizza is given a new twist by adding some different ingredients. Some of these recipes are highly cherished, some of them did not win many hearts on the internet.

 A few months back the news of pineapple Pizza hit the headlines and many netizens were not so pleased with the recipe, whereas there were some who really fell in love with the new pizza. But one thing for sure which everyone likes on their Pizza is loaded toppings and they can just never get enough of the varieties of topics that we can get on a pizza. Well currently a unique new twist given to the classic loaded Pizza by a youtuber is hitting the headlines and netizens are going crazy after watching the video. 

You must have tried a pizza with different toppings and the side dishes and also a pizza with a glass of Coca-Cola is a classic combination that almost every one of us must have tried once in a lifetime. Similarly an amazing pizza with some good sprinkle of oregano and chilli flakes can just make your day for sure. However, have you ever tried having a slice of pizza with mint chutney? Well, it is true that this combination is something that most of us would not be pleased with. 

This conventional combination was tried by a YouTuber named Vishali Khurana. She shared a video of herself eating a slice of pizza with a mint chutney dip. The video available online got crazy viral and spread like wildfire on the internet. The viral video has now got more than 83k views and has left the netizens in stock. In the now-viral video, you can see the youtuber Vishali Khurana can be first seen picking up the oregano. Season sprinkles the bottle of oregano on her pizza and then does something that will totally leave you amazed. 

She stops and picks up the bowl of mint sauce dip and pours it on her pizza. “Kesa laga combination (How did you like the combination) (sic),” she captioned the video on her official social media account. While some social media users who came across the video called a unique combination of Pizza with mint chutney amazing. There were also many social media users who were left angry because of the unconventional combination that they found.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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