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Ziva Dhoni was praying during the CSK vs DC match? The cutest pic goes viral

The exciting match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Delhi Capitals (DC) which was conducted on Monday was a thrilling one, but in the middle of this thrilling match there’s something that the internet spotted and it’s the cutest thing you may have come across. As soon as netizens spotted this cute pic, they couldn’t stop themselves obsessing over the pic. The picture of Ziva Dhoni, daughter of CSK captain MS Dhoni, who was spotted on the stands. And within some time, this particular picture of Ziva Dhoni went viral on social media platforms.

Wondering what’s the cutest part? Well, as Ziva was seated in a cute pink dress at the visitor’s gallery at the stadium located in Dubai, she was spotted joining her hands and eyes shut as she spotted praying! The photo is indeed too cute to handle! As these photos went viral on social media, Netizens wondered whether she was praying for CSK to win in the 50th match of the IPL season, and netizens started flooding Twitter with pics of Ziva Dhoni and shared their thoughts and opinions on this. If Ziva was praying for the win, and even though the wish was not fulfilled as CSK lost the game, the fans and netizens are in awe of Ziva Dhoni’s cute viral picture.

Ziva Dhoni, who was seated at the visitor’s stands of Dubai International Stadium along with her mother Sakshi, was captured praying when Delhi Capitals needed 28 runs in 3 overs after Chennai Super Kings posted a low target of 137.

As this picture is getting viral on social media, netizens can’t stop gushing over this pic and the innocence and cuteness of Ziva, who was seen praying for her father’s team to win. The tweets were all about her cuteness.

One Twitter user commented, “Ziva praying is the cutest thing”. Another Twitter user’s comment reads, “One of the cutest moments.” Yet another user wrote, “Whatever the match result but this is the cutest pic from #CSKvDC @IPL #Ziva”. One user wrote, “Ziva is praying for csk

One of cutest moments in the whole IPL 2021″, and another one said, ” Ziva praying for Papa’s win”. And one user wrote, “See, When I saw her praying, at least for her wish, I thought CSK should win today!! But that’s okay! Let’s Come back for the next game, Hoping well for the upcoming matches”. Well, surely Twitter is overflowing with a lot of cute and sweet comments for Ziva! Even though CSK was not able to win, yet the cuteness of Ziva made every fan and all the netizens happy and made their day better.

The match between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals was indeed a thrilling and exciting one. At the end of the game, Shimron Hetmyer helped Delhi Capitals to win even with a low-scoring, but still, it was an exciting contest with two balls to spare. Needing 28 in 18 deliveries, Hetmyer first scored 12 off Dwayne Bravo, and then he scored another 10 in Josh Hazlewood’s penultimate over. And with the equation reading 6 in 6, Shimron Hetmyer powered Delhi Capitals to win by three wickets. Although Chennai Super Kings gave their best, the last-minute takeover of Delhi Capitals led to a loss of CSK with a few differences. But sure to say that Ziva’s cuteness and innocence was the spotlight of the show, as no one can deny the pic of the cute daughter praying for her father’s and the team’s win.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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