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10 Fun things to do when you actually feel bored!

Boredom can hit you without any prior notice and especially happens when you don’t have any work to do or you don’t have your friends or family members with you. Some people just like to keep themselves busy to avoid getting bored. Whereas some people just like standing at the walls when they don’t have absolutely nothing to do. But what is the fun in it? So here are the top 10 things that you can do whenever you feel bored and it will indeed lift up your spirit!

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  1. Start watching a web series or reality series: movies might end within two or three hours of time but reality series all web series are made to entertain you for a longer period of time. A single episode might go for an hour or so and it is also a great way to get entertained just by sitting at home which can prove as a boon for a bored brain.
  2. Start reading a book: if you’re someone who likes fictional stories or who likes to read novels or even comic books then why not start reading it when you have absolutely nothing to do. It is a great way to keep your mind entertained.
  3. Go for an online museum tour: You do not have to actually visit a place to know about a museum or to have a museum tour because now everything is virtually available.
  4. Enjoy at home salon: If you have extra time then why not use it too to give yourself a manicure and pedicure treatment. Taking care of yourself and pampering yourself in your free time is a very fun thing to do.
  5. Make a music video playlist: Go for the best genre of music you like and make a playlist of all the amazing music videos on your TV. You can then play the playlist of music videos whenever you want.
  6. Go for a crossword puzzle: A crossword puzzle is a fun thing to do if you go solo or you can even turn it into a fun family activity. Puzzles are always something that will take a lot of time but also is fun to do.
  7. Plan a trip: If you are free for more than a week and have many days in your hands then  get your next getaway destinations plan and book tickets! May it be a solo trip or with your closed ones spend your time planning a perfect trip.
  8. Learn a new language: Applications like Duolingo really help you to have fun learning a new language in your bored time.
  9. Learn some dance moves: Learn dance moves by watching Tik Tok videos or you can just enjoy songs from your glory days.
  10. Start scrapbooking: Get a personalized photo album by adding all your favorite vacations and childhood memories in it and you can preserve them forever.
Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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