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Panipuri on fire: Food blogger tries fire pani puri that goes viral on the internet!

Who can never say no to golgappa or panipuri? When it comes to this one of the most cherished Indian snacks, we often find so many versions of pani puri or golgappa on the Internet getting viral now and then. 

Not forgetting to mention panipuri, it’s arguably the most loved street food in India and many people are crazy about the street food snack called panipuri. However, there are different opinions about it at the same time too. Some people like the panipuri to be extra spicy while some love it to be mild yet and tangy. Whatever that voice may be in the street food surely has the best offering. Talking about that, currently a street food vendor from Gujarat took the debate to a whole new level, and his version of panipuri is now going viral as is getting renowned for selling fire panipuri.

 In the now going viral short clip video you can see the street food vendor who is seen asking a customer to open her mouth as he feeds her the fire panipuri in the video. Usually you will find mini street food vendors serving the crunchy snacks filled up with tangy water but this vendor decided to light it up. Yes you read that right as he decided to serve the flaming food in a whole different version. The stuffed panipuri seemed to have camphor in it. The camphor inside the panipuri was lit up to add the fiery twist and the crunchy snack has elicited comparisons with the fire paan. It was another version of the snack which went famous and viral in several parts of the country. 

This now going viral post was shared by KRUPALI PATEL | Ahmedabad (@foodiekru). While sharing the video the food blogger, Krupali Patel also stated that she had tried the fire panipuri on the streets of Ahmedabad. Many desi social media users who came because of this post were left wondering why there was a need to ignite their beloved panipuri snack. 

Well, the other social media users who were very fascinated by the idea of fire panipuri wanted to give it a try and also wanted to know if it was safe to have. Posting the video on Instagram, Patel also answered people’s queries as she was seen saying that initially she was scared to eat the fiery snack. Nevertheless, it was okay and it didn’t burn her mouth. She further wrote, “It looks scary but wasn’t actually.” All the social media users who watched the viral post are now taking it to the comment section to ask more queries regarding the fiery snack and it is creating a huge buzz in the comment section.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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