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A 19-year-old wife gives a luxurious car to husband, considering he will have many sleepless nights after their first baby’s birth!

As for the reports, a soon-to-be mom gifted her husband worth around Rs 3.63 crores, two million. The lady decided to appreciate her husband ahead of the delivery date and came up with this luxury gift for her husband A before her delivery date. And who will win yesterday has got a lot of attention from many social media users.

The stories are also going viral on several platforms and the internet online. Many people love how she is so lovely to her husband and precisely what he wants. Also, the lady decided to surprise her husband with such a lovely yet luxurious gift that made him super happy. The fact that she gave this gift to her husband, considering the number of nights he will be left sleepless because of the arrival of a new child in their life, makes it much more fun. The concept for which she has given a gift to her husband and recognition of his contribution that he would have to give for their child.

A luxurious gift:

According to the reports by Malay Mail, Anes Ayuni Osman, 19, is a cosmetic guru. She is due to give birth to her first child with her entrepreneur husband, Weldon Zulkefli, 20 years old. As per the sources, she will be giving a bird to her first child in late March. Also, according to their tradition, she will enter a hundred-day confinement period for sub. It is just after giving birth to their first baby. It will help to limit her movements. Also, and at the same time, you reduce the risk of having any postpartum complications. In this period, the 19 year old soon to be mother will be entirely dependent on her husband as she will be taking frequent arrest. 

Well, this means that her husband will have to take care of all the early parents duties. It is including changing nappies and taking care of the baby completely. So the wife, to-be- mom wanted to actually give a special present for husband as a special token of thanks. Also, well for sure he will be having n number of sleepless nights. It is while taking care of the baby and see wanted the actually surprise her husband with the gift. Anes posted a video of her and her husband when she surprises him with the Lamborghini Huracan EVO. The reaction of a husband is what is going very much viral on several social media platforms. 

The viral story:

Initially the videos were available on Tik Tok and went viral over there. The short video clip shows her taking the blindfold of her husband and they both are in a car showroom. Well as soon as Weldon removes his blindfold, he takes a moment to realize what is happening around them. Later on he also shows his gratitude towards his wife for giving such an amazing car to him. He hugs her and thanks for the lavishing present. Speaking to the news outlet, the wife stated that she will be staying at a family home. It is during the confinement period. See also wishes her husband to be by her side throughout the period.

 She stated, “He’s fine with that because he has been cleaning up after our cat all this time. He can stay awake at night because his business brain works better at night doing marketing.”

“My husband has never slept until morning, I’m just worried when he stays up all night and sleeps during the day, that’s when our child will fuss about and when that happens, I have to wake him up to manage the baby,” she further added.

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