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A few-hours-old baby elephant shows its way to its Mother in a viral post! Watch it now!

For all the wildlife and nature lovers, who can never ever get enough of cute animal videos, especially the ones that have baby animals in it, we have the latest trend to watch and know about now. Pictures and videos of animals showing their adorable side to humans from all around the globe is something that will always melt your heart and all thanks to the Internet. 

They love to be themselves in their natural habitat and their cute side is just a treat for our eyes for sure. Any wildlife lover indeed will instantly fall in love with baby animals by just having a glimpse of them and now we have a similar video just like that. It is a delight to us to watch them doing absolutely nothing but still looking cute and amazing.  They might be doing their most regular things but still, their regular videos are too good to miss. Currently, a picture of a few-hours-old baby elephant with its mother is going crazy viral on the internet. 

The duo is seen in the forest having their time and the post has gone viral online. All the Netizens who have watched it are absolutely awestruck and are fully in love with it. A baby elephant who can surely bring a smile to your face is this one for sure. In the now-viral picture, you can see a baby elephant who was born just a few hours ago is walking with its mother. 

The few-hours-old baby elephant could be seen showing the way to its mother in the forest. The snap was caught against a stunning background of lush green forest which shows the beautiful landscape more stunningly. The picture with the mother and baby walking alongside each other is totally amazing and the duo looks cute. The picture was posted initially on the official Twitter account by Indian Forest Service Officer Parween Kaswan. While posting the adorable picture he also wrote a caption saying,  “The beautiful combo. Few hours old calf showing the way to mother,” he wrote. 

After being available online, the picture did not take a lot of time before going crazy and has now got more than 2,500 likes on the social media platform. All the Netizens who came across the precious picture have totally loved it and they flocked to the comments section of the post to show how happy they are after getting a glimpse of the duo. Yes, the comment section of the video is now filled with comments of many social media users from around the globe with their reactions. A social media user said, “What a beautiful sight!” Another user commented, “The baby elephant is so adorable! Bal Ganesh.” This is a post something that will make your day better!

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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