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A girl from Canada shows off Her Unique Obsession With Crocs!

We know that the items that are included in the fashion industry especially for ladies come in a huge list. As per the reports the ladies footwear accounts for 60% of the $40 billion. That is overall footwear which is sold in the United States every single year. Comparing it with the footwear purchases of men and children it is actually not even half of what ladies actually buy. Not only talking about it but it is also important to know that there are several varieties of sandals and shoes that ladies wear. Also they buy it at a very uncertable and uncomfortable range but there is always a ranged set for each one of them. 

The viral story:

However there is a lady from Canada who is in love and is just obsessed with only one type of shoes. She is in love with it and as per the report she has a huge collection of only- Crocs. It is true that crocs or something really comfortable and at the same time easy to wear. Well also it is designed in such a way that it can be worn in most of the places. It can be taken anywhere.  Probably its comfort level is one of the biggest reasons why Rayann from Canada has been in love with crocks so much. Well she is so obsessed with the crocks. So much that she has now collected around 114 pairs of crocs. Also, she has very much proudly displayed it on her bathroom wall as per the reports given by Sun. 

While speaking to them she also said and called herself the ‘Crocs Queen’. Well , Rayann has an Instagram page dedicated to her crocs collection also. While taking it to the video-sharing app TikTok, she shared a clip. In that one very much viral among the social media users. Well, in the viral video clip you will get to see her shedding  light on her collection journey. In the beginning of the viral video clip you will see just the plane wall with hooks on it. She also shared this viral video with the caption saying, “starting with 1 pair of crocs and 100 followers.” Then she keeps on showing her impressive collection to all of the watchers of the video. It goes up to a collection of 114 crocs hanging on the walls using hooks.

The ‘Crocs ambassador’:

 She also calls herself as the ‘Crocs ambassador’. Then she says that currently she has a total of 114 pairs and over 300k followers on her official account. Rayann also spoke about her having 700 Jibbitz. It is the charms and trinkets that can be added to Crocs. In this way, she can also customize them as per her choice.  It didn’t take long for the video to reach out to more social media fans. Her huge collection becomes the hot topic of the town. Well, everybody is discussing her crocs collection in the comment section of the viral post. 

One user said, “15th pair and growing.” Another user jokingly asked Rayann, “How does it feel to live my dreams?”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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