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Without Amazon Prime how you get free shipping, know here?

Among the many ways Amazon has forever transformed the way we shop, its Amazon Prime subscription programme has taught us to expect rapid, free shipping on each online order. Of course, Amazon Prime isn’t truly free; you must pay for the service in advance, which includes two-day (or faster) shipping on all orders. And, like so many things in 2022, the cost of Prime membership is rising.

The annual fee for new Prime members has already raised from $119 to $139. Starting March 25, existing members will see a $20 price increase on annual renewals. Monthly Prime users will pay $14.99 per month, up from $12.99 before. If you use Prime’s other services frequently, including Amazon streaming TV and movies, picture storage, and Whole Foods discounts, it may still be a decent price.

“You have to look at how often you utilised the free shipping benefit and whether you used other Prime benefits to see if it’s still worth it to you,” says Kristin McGrath, a coupon and bargain expert at RetailMeNot. If you opt not to pay for Prime after all of this, that doesn’t mean you have to give up free shipping.
There are a variety of alternative options for getting products delivered to your home without having to pay for shipping. Here are seven approaches to think about. If you insist on ordering from Amazon.
It is still feasible to get free shipping on Amazon purchases if you use the following strategies:

Make a purchase worth at least $25.

Although two-day shipping isn’t assured, Amazon does provide free shipping on all qualified orders totaling more than $25 within five days. On the product pages of the items, look for free-shipping eligibility. If the things you need don’t total $25, companies like or can recommend the fewest feasible items to get you over the line.
Another strategy is to “preorder goods that aren’t available yet,” according to Michelle Madhok, CEO of, a fashion news and deals website. Why? Because they contribute to the total cost of your purchase, Madhok argues. If you change your mind about the preorder item later, just cancel before it ships to avoid being charged.

Make use of the ‘Subscribe and Save’ feature.

You may utilise this option even if you don’t have Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” Prime, which allows consumers to receive automatic shipments of essentials like pet food, toothpaste, and toilet paper at a discounted price without having to remember to reorder.

Non-Prime customers may be charged a shipping fee on their first order, but subsequent auto-deliveries are free standard shipping. However, even with free shipping, you may be able to discover lower deals elsewhere, according to Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with Deal News. She explains, “You’re paying for the convenience of not having to remember to reorder.”

If you’re looking for free shipping from other online stores… Many stores have a minimum order threshold to waive shipping expenses, which is usually $25-$50, however the following tactics can also help:
Look for promotional codes

Many stores provide free shipping codes immediately on their home pages. If you don’t have one, browser plugins like Honey or PriceBlink can fill it in for you at checkout.
Be loyal

Some shops, such as Zappos, Staples, and J. Crew, provide free shipping merely by joining their free rewards programes.
Shop around major shopping holidays

Even retailers who don’t usually offer free shipping around shopping holidays like Black Friday, Presidents’ Day, or the Fourth of July may do so in the near future.

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