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Surat vendor’s fruit tea leaves social media users upset with it!

One of the craziest food experiment videos is going crazy all over social media platforms. Many people who came across the way are absolutely hating the existence of the ingredients in the experiment. Talking about this viral video it was shared by @foodie_incarnate online. Will in the video clip you will get to see stall on a making milk tea. However the version of the military that he made is something that is making many social media uses angry about it. Also many people who came across at giving the worst of the reviews in the common section of the post. In short, to say this experiment is something that people are absolutely not getting. There are many bizzare posts to the point that people usually add to their favorite Indian snacks and chaats to make their own new version. However, most of the time it is something that is so bizarre that people absolutely hate it. 

The new version of chaai:

Talking about the viral video clip of this unusual tea, it was actually taken in Surat. While talking about this video you will get to see a vendor making a cup of tea by giving it up with a fruity punch. In the viral video clip a man is seen making the tea that can actually get many angry social media users if they come across it. There are many tea lovers in India and all of them are mostly against this idea of having fruits in their tea.  In the video on Instagram, the vendor is first seen boiling a pot full of milk. Then as the usual process goes on, many people thought that he would be adding the tea leaves. Well he does something totally unexpected as he is seen adding and breaking up a banana. He threw it into the pot and then the milk continued to boil. Well, then he adds the tea leaves. But Not only that along with the tea leaves he keeps on adding other fruits in the boiling milk as well. 


Well the process starts with sapodilla. It is also known as chikoo, and when he adds some apples. Well, the man finishes the fruit tea by boiling the concoction a little more. Then he is straining it so that he can serve it.  The video by @foodie_incarnate on the platform is going very viral. Well, the blogger informed the discovery of the unusual tea was by him on the streets of Surat in Gujarat. Well, also the vendor stated he has been selling this tea for “12 years. However, the blogger couldn’t independently verify it. Well, the Instagram video makes it seem like all the fruits are getting in to the tea. However, there are two varieties of tea. One with banana and chikoo and another with the apple in tea. 

Well, the blogger was not actually tasting the tea in the video. However, netizens stated that it might be only tasting bad. Some also said that could also be bad for our health. In India, roadside tea stalls are very famous for people who love to have access to their favorite chai Everytime. However this video has left many social media users in a bad mood after coming across it.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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