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A man from Telangana makes a treadmill out of wood!

We love how innovative social media users can get and come across many innovations with technology. There are so many videos and posts on social media platforms that show how a person can get creative with the things they have around them. Making new things and innovative inventions have attracted many social media users around the globe. Well, one such story and one such creation by a man are going viral, and people love it. Telangana Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, IT, KT Rama Rao, retweeted a video. 

The viral innovation:

The video is currently hitting the headlines, and the Minister also tagged T-Works in it. Well, mini social media users who came across the footage love it, and it also is Telangana prototyping center’s Twitter handle. Keeping a body fit is something that many people follow, and many people go to gems and pay so much money to stay fit and do exercises in this modern world. Also, many other yoga centers and different exercising club groups charge a lot of money from people for just a few hours. Or at the same time, many people buy this massive, expensive equipment, spending a lot of money to exercise at home. 

However, to spread the fitness goals and awareness regarding it, this man created a unique treadmill attracting many people. Many people prefer to have a treadmill at home to stay fit. However, this fitness equipment is costly, and also, it’s something that people cannot afford many times. So this man has designed a woolen treadmill that is also very eco-friendly, and it is a good alternative for the one that comes with a hefty price tag. This viral video clip shows his invention attempt and creation that many social media users are coming across and praising him for creating it. 

A wooden treadmill!

Telangana Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, IT, KT Rama Rao, also came across that. He retweeted this video which is going viral. He was a fantastic person to contact him if they wanted the wooden treadmills. While sharing the viral video clip, he wrote, “Wow!” Talking about this video clip, it will last for only 45 seconds. But it is very much after showing how innovative and valuable this new creation by the man is. The video is seen initially assembling all the wooden material and then fixing the important parts slightly to create the treadmill. 

Then by the end of the video, you will see that the man is using only the wooden things. It is to make this wooden treadmill. He is at the end scene handling the wooden handle. Then, he moves his legs while wooden rods roll beneath fastly, making it work just like a treadmill does. Initially, this viral video clip was shared by Twitter user Arunn Bhagavathula.

He captioned, “Amazing treadmill that works without power, along with sharing the video.” This viral video clip has got more than 1,36,500 views so far. “Great innovation..really recommended to give support to encourage talents…,” said a social media user who came across this video in the post’s comment section. 

Some social media users at the same time are also a little bit concerned about its efficiency. However, many people think that this wooden treadmill is an excellent alternator. It is for buying expensive treadmills. Also, it is very eco-friendly and has attracted many nature lovers. They were talking about the post’s comment section that is filled with most of the positive reviews. It is from around the globe.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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