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A mother bird in the viral video guards her eggs from the excavator.

We are often here that mothers can do anything to protect their children. Well, not only if the factors are proper for us humans but also animals and birds. This proved to be entirely accurate when the viral post that is going crazy viral on server social media platforms right now was available online. The unconditional love of a mother scene in this video is something that impresses many social media users. She is trying to save her offspring from a danger that is amazing for sure.

Even if her own life is an actress, she is ready to risk it all just for her children. Well, this viral video proves every factor to be so genuine. You will see your mother bird protecting her eggs from an approaching excavator, and the videos are heartwarming. And talking about the viral video clip, you will see a bird has to be heading, and the mother bird is then brooding.

A heart-touching video:

In the video clip, you will see an excavator passing through the mud road on the other side. Then also, the excavator reverses and moves toward the bird. Does the bird suddenly switch towards defensive mode and price to protect its eggs? It serves out loud and expands its wings to protect the eggs from the excavator. The defensive word then keeps chirping in the video. The bucket of the excavator is seen near the bird. But still, it keeps chirping, not moving away. Later on, the excavator moves back. Well, it gives respite for a while to the bird. Well, again, the excavator in the video comes forward. Looking at that action, the bird started chirping out loud again. It seems like the bird is not ready to lose its spirit.

It keeps fighting the excavator, which is trying to move back. Talking the heart-touching viral video clip has more than 10 lakh views on Twitter. Indian Administrative Service officer Awanish Sharan shared the clip on Monday. While sharing the video clip, he also captioned it, “Mother’s will.” The videos can shock many social media users for sure. All the people who came across the video on the social media platform were left speechless. Also, it is excellent to witness a mother’s love in the tiny body of a bird trying to protect its eggs.

“Mother’s love greatest for any creature,” said a social media user who came across the brave bird’s video. Meanwhile, some other social media users thought that this entire was just something scripted. Before this, a short clip shows a bird trying to force a tractor driver to stop.

A similar incident:

Back in 2019, the video when very viral people were super surprised after watching the video. The bird was trying even to risk its own life to save its eggs, and the eggs were in so much danger of crashing if the tractor moved forward. The viral video clip from North China reached all the social media users from around the globe. Later on, in the video, you will also see the driver placing a bottle of water near the bird.

It is great to see how animals show their affection towards the ones they love in such an adorable way. The bond they have towards unborn children is also heartwarming to watch in this viral video. Many people took it to the comment section of the pole to share the abuse on the video. While some people also said that everything was scripted, they were also people who said that it could be true. however it is great to find such amazing content on the social media platforms every now and then.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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