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Pakistani artist releases Ramzan version of Kacha Badam.

It is common now in the film industry to create already existing famous songs. We have seen so many people wanting to become more prominent. They recreate existing content even on social media platforms or follow the trend to reach out to more people. Also, the famous tunes and music of the legendary songs of something loved by many people to date. The many US sometimes even tend to love the recreated piece. Well, one search version is going viral because of an existing song. People who came across that love it, and some of them are even reasoning questions regarding it. 

We can say that Kacha Badam is one of the most now going viral jingles. Many people are creating several abortions of it, and also several adoptions of this famous song are found. The song also got that tension of this particular Pakistani singer and artist. Recently this artist made a song to mark the holy month of Ramzaan. Interestingly, his piece titled Roja Rakhunga has a similar tune to that of Kacha Badaam.

The viral song:

The song was initially on Hunain Raza Production’s YouTube page, according to the sources. As soon as it was available on YouTube, it started getting viral on several social media platforms. Many people started sharing the song on their social media accounts and pointed out it resembled the famous Kacha Badaam jingle. As per the reports, this song was created by Bhuban Badyakar. He is a resident native of West Bengal. According to the sources, he came up with this song so that he could sell peanuts in exchange for old hits. He also used to extinct them with the broken items.

Talking about the song by Artist Yasir Soharwardi has got more than 1.7 lakh views on it so far. Also just catching a lot of attention of people since its release. It got more than a lakh views in just one week since its release. While talking about the song, you can say that it is oddly funny as it kind of urgers people to be kind during Ramzaan. It is because they observe Roza. Roza is a fast that Muslims keep from pre-dawn to sunset during Ramzaan. Will it not be the first time someone has adapted or made a new version of the famous song of Kacha Badaam.

Some other versions:

A few days before, Amit Dhull, a famous Haryanvi singer-actor, also came up with a new version of this song. He decided to make a Haryanvi version of Kacha Badam. Talking about the bilingual mash-up music, Badyakar sang the original lyrics. Well, the Haryanvi lyrics were sung by Dhull in the song. In 2021, we got to see, Badyakar featuring in a Bengali remix. The song was also a Bengali version of Kacha Badaam. He was a part of the song and rappers Ron-E and Pragya Dutta. Talking about the viral video song was able to get more than 100 million views on it sincerely.

The famous viral tunes of the song Kacha Badaam needed so much crazy viral in November 2021. It is just after one of Badyakar’s customers posted a video of him. You can see him singing this song on social media in the video. Soon later, as soon as the video was available to end went wildly viral. It also caught a lot of attention from many celebrities and ordinary people from around the globe. Many people started to perform the song, slowly getting more famous.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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