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Viral story: Teen girls message in a bottle found after 56 years!

Members of the Scunthorpe Litter Pickers group in North Lincolnshire from England currently made it to the headlines. They were able to find a bottle that was around 50 years old. To make a note, the bottle had some secret messages hidden, and it became instantly famous on the social media platform. The group the bottle to get the news out. They were pleased to find that two teenage girls wrote it earlier this month. The girls dropped the information in a bed to see perfect boyfriends for themselves. This letter was reported back on August 9 1966.

Jennifer Coleman and Janet Blankley wrote the letters. Talking about the messages that both the letters reveal, it is about the girls. They explained the physical features in the letter and wrote, “Anyone interested in a photo will be supplied with a photo in exchange for a person (boy). No one under 16 or over 18.” The young girls also mentioned their address and the message.

The famous letters:

The pictures of the letters, which surprisingly remained intact, must be from a time that is 55 years ago. The images were also present on Scunthorpe Litter Pickers Facebook group. Talking about the exciting letters found, a Facebook user also stated, “Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the ‘pre Tinder’ hardship these teenagers endured….” The group who found the letters also updated everyone regarding the young girls. Well, as per the reports Coleman, now is 71 years old.

They found her details by Tracey Marshall, a member of the litter-picking crew. Then, Marshall also wrote in the comment section that she would be returning Coleman’s letter to her. Adding to it, she also stated that Coleman was really in shock after coming across the discovery. While speaking to the BBC, Coleman noted that she isn’t in touch with Blankley anymore. She is currently living in Australia. After finishing school, she moved there. She also stays at that they were 15 when the young girls decided to throw the bottles in Humber Estuary.

Some other details:

It is located near where the letters were also present in the bottles. In the comment section of the post of the Litter Pickers Facebook group, a Facebook user Paul Stebbing spoke about them. He stated that he got in touch with Blankley’s son and brother, and he also told them about their discovery. He said that he is looking forward to connecting with Blankley soon.

When he inquired regarding the tracking process to reach out to Blankley’s relatives, Stebbing said, “I’m the Vice-Chairman of the Archives and Records Association for the North of England. I’ve been tracking down people for the last 30 years, and I have access to many sources and finding aids. I always enjoy a challenge ”. It is not the first time someone has found such letters in a bottle. We always encounter such incidents as to why people find the mini letters that are tracing back so many years that it is shocking to know about it. Such discovery is always 10 to attract social media uses in the broader range.

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