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Women can take NDA exams: Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision.

The most senior court in India has come up with an amazing ruling today stating that women can take NDA (National Defence Academy) exams and appear for the same. Earlier, it was not allowed for the women to give an exam for the NDA. The reason behind this decision is to generate a sense of women’s empowerment among the women of the nation. The men have some additional advantage of being NDA eligible, and the Supreme court decided to curb out this traditional mindset and way of thinking. 

The bench of justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul & Hrishikesh Roy has given this tremendous decision, and the petition was filed by Kush Kalra. The court has quoted this as the mindset problem of some sections of society to consider the women lower just because they are not able to sit for the NDA examinations. Along with this, it has also been brought into light that the court does not support any sort of sexism in the nation, and neither should any citizen. Women are no less than men, and they deserve equal respect and position in society. Allowing the women to appear for the NDA examination is one other step in this matter. The court has stated that articles 14, 15, 16, and 19 were getting violated by not allowing women to sit for the NDA examinations. 

The public petition for this was filed with the motive to give the eligible women chance and platform to showcase their talent. NDA has been a leading place for men every time and women of the nation were remaining away from all these benefits and chances because of gender discrimination. Kush Kalra decided to take the next step and went straight to the court with this decision. However, the petition was supported by the majority, so it was not very tough for the judges to come up with this decision in favor of women. 

The nation is also welcoming this decision with open arms. Here are some of the initial reactions observed after the Supreme Court ruled out the hearing: 

– Some are taking this another good step in empowering the women of the nation. Allowing women to sit for NDA examination to have our own very first woman CJI (Chief Justice Of India) are some of the landmark decisions. 

– Some have mentioned this as a historic and progressive step in regard to women’s growth in the Indian Army. The court has also slammed the Indian Army for not having thought or done anything in this regard. 

– This decision came into the limelight in the year 2006, and since then, it took 15 years to be true. The women could now appear for NDA exams, and this is a dream come true situation for many such aspirants. 

– The citizens were seen praising the Supreme Court for this extraordinary ruling for women to gain equal rights and positions in society as men. 



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