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Comedian tries to roast Universal Studios for not giving him a role.

He was getting a job that could earn him the same money, which not everybody can have. Many people try for that and sometimes succeed in it, whereas sometimes they do not. Also, getting rejected from a job can make one very reason. The employer who refused the person can also suddenly become the villain of his life. Dylan Adler, a comedian based in New York, made the rejection process funnier. He is a comedian who got a lot after appearing in the New York Times.

After not getting a job, this New York-based comedian and musician took this resentment. It is at a new level and is becoming very viral right now. Talking about the video, people are all going crazy about it after watching it. The video clip lasts long for only 16 seconds. In the video, you will get to see him appearing at a place that places to be Universal Studios tourist property. Adler then looks at the studio dancers dressed like the students of Durmstrang Institute doing a dance routine. Well, it is from the Harry Potter franchise.

The funny video:

When the performance comes to an end, he appears in front of the crowd. Then he does a backflip when you can also see some people turning curiously towards him to see him. On Monday, he posted this video on his account and wrote, “I was rejected from being a dancer at universal studios, so I came to watch their first show”.

According to the sources, the video has been able to get views over 3.9 million times. Also, the viral video clip has reached more than 91,000 views. Well, Adler’s move has not made much social media uses impress. They were also social media users who called him out for being resentful. A Twitter user who came across the video commented, “This is like if McDonald’s told me I couldn’t work there and I decided to make a pb&j in front of them.”

Reactions on social media:

Another social media user who watched the video said, “If I had to explain what 2nd hand embarrassment was to somebody i would show them this video.” However, many social media users also did come to Adler’s defence. They also stated the entire act to be just a joke and supported him. “People on twitter not realising this is an obvious joke like some of u r very stupid,” a user commented.

The person further said, “Like he’s SUPPOSED to look like a clown in this scenario like that’s the POINT y’all telling him he’s embarrassing like that’s THE JOKE!!!” Some people laughed after watching the video and thought it was pretty fun to watch. When he was used to the concept of getting not being in the company to make this one video, what most the people thought. Being a famous comedy in musician, all of his content is primarily viral by his fans. It is because of the funny twist to it in the video clips.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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