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After PM Narendra Modi renamed “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award”, netizens are also requesting to change Narendra Modi’s stadium name!

Recently, we came across shocking news where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi renamed the precious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award to Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award. 

What is Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award (which is now Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award)

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award is basically used as a sporting honorific award for any sportsperson. The sportsperson(s) gets selected by the committee and then the person gets honored because of their ” most outstanding and spectacular performance in the field of sports over a period of 4 years” at the international level. Many sportspersons like Manika Batra, Vinesh Phoghat, Rohit Sharma got honored by this award.

What was the recent news regarding the award?

Recently, PM Narendra Modi changed the name of the prestigious award to the “Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award”. These changes were actually planned to honor the greatest Indian hockey field player Dhyan Chand who scored more than 1000 goals in a career span of 20 years.

How did netizens react to it?

Netizens didn’t have any objection to this decision as this award is worth getting the name of the greatest hockey player of all time. Many people thanked the PM for taking such a good initiative. People said that this sports award should get its name after any great sportsperson. So everyone agreed to the decision.

Now as all the people believe that everything related to sports, whether it’s an award or a stadium, should get its name after any great sportsperson and not on politicians. The same was also demanded from PM Narendra Modi to change the name of “Narendra Modi stadium” to any sports player’s name. This demand was actually made by many netizens and also opposing politicians too. 

The Narendra Modi Stadium, previously known as Sardar Patel Stadium or Motera Stadium is the world’s largest cricket stadium. This stadium got its new name in February 2020. 

According to people, if PM Narendra Modi has taken some initiative as he changed the award named in the honor of a very respected sportsperson, Dhyan Chand, so he should definitely change the stadium’s name too, as it will be better if he names the stadium in the honor of a sportsperson, but not in honor of any politicians. Now as people were thanking the PM for this step, they also insisted directly on changing the stadium’s name too.

Here are the reactions of the netizens:

  • “Should the name of Narendra Modi stadium be changed? yes ,it should, along with the names of all the stadiums with Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and other former PMs’ and ministers’ names”.
  • “Narendra Modi stadium cricket stadium was named after great #Olympian, who won 56 medals in (…………)?”
  • “Narendra Modi tried to hog the limelight by renaming the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award. Netizens gave hymn be fitting reply by reminding him of Narendra Modi stadium”
  • “Narendra Modi stadium in Gujarat should be renamed similarly. I hope Modi ji will thank me for my views”
  • ” BJP saying awards are places related to sports should be in sports man name not in any politician’s name. I agree with them. But why did they change the name of motera stadium to Narendra Modi stadium? As I know Modi ji is a politician not a sportsman.”
  • “We welcome this gesture of showing respect to Major Dhyan Chand ji! But a respected Prime Minister, it’s the time when you should also take a step forward towards changing the name of Narendra Modi stadium with the name of any other famous sports person! They deserve this honour!  

As our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a very good step to change the award’s name, now netizens are waiting for the change of Narendra Modi stadium’s name and other stadium names too!



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