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Lara Dutta’s look in Bell bottom does not get the approval of hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani!

Every amazing look of celebrities is always because of the hard work of their stylist and makeup artist. Stylists and makeup artists play a great role in modifying the look of any celebrity. The movies which have been successful due to the main characters’ different looks are actually their hard work. We have seen movies like 2.0, Paa, Chachi 420, Indian, and many more in which the main characters change their looks differently that they were not even recognizable. And of course, all credits go to the respective hair, makeup team! Now Akshay Kumar’s new movie Bell bottom is going to release on 19th August 2021. All the Akshay Kumar films are always a bop, but actress Lara Dutta also shined in this movie a lot!

Lara Dutta played the role of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in this movie. But we can see that Lara Dutta is so immersed fully in this role. Lara Dutta’s new look in this movie as Indira Gandhi has really amazed many people and everyone has lauded her and the hair-makeup teams for this impressive look. Her amazing look in this film was almost impossible to recognize. The photos of Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi are being spread on the internet so fast and everyone is loving her in this look. But there is one person who has an objection to this look.

Well, it’s none other than former Bigg Boss contestant and hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani. The hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani was not so impressed by Lara Dutta’s look and she also said that the wig looked so fake.

There was a tweet made by Raja Sen where he said how Lara Dutta’s looks are so impressive in this movie. He tweeted:

“Lara Dutta as Mrs. Gandhi in #bellbottom. Wow. (Also, why)? Impressive makeup and prosthetics not at all overdone.”

Replying to this tweet, Sapna shared the obligations on Lara’s look. She responded:

“Such a bad wig though can see the lining of it. But of course, you wouldn’t as you are not a hair person. We haven’t come close to mastering hair yet.” She also added a close-up picture of Lara Dutta’s look as Indira Gandhi and then she marked the wig line too. Then she captioned it “see this white glaring wig line… natural hairlines are not like this at all.”

While some netizens oppose Sapna, as Lara Dutta looks really amazing, there are also some netizens who actually agree with her. One Twitter user tweeted, ” that’s Lara Dutta?! everything saves for the wig is stellar.”

But many of the netizens were still amazed by Lara Dutta’s look and appreciated her. Even Youtuber Ashish Chanchlani tweeted, “Lara Dutta’s makeup in #Bellbottom is so good I actually thought it was some other actor.” Other netizens tweeted in a funny way that they refuse to accept that it’s Lara Dutta, playing the role of Indira Gandhi in Bell bottom!

But apart from this, Lara Dutta’s look really astonished everyone, and also because of this, she had to specify that she was playing the role of Indira Gandhi in the trailer launch event. She said “I am playing Mrs. Indira Gandhi in the film. That’s me. All it took was a call and they said that this film is being made and we are casting for Indira Gandhi’s role. That is all it took before I even heard the script. But yes of course this is a great responsibility when you are portraying somebody who is an iconic figure like her.”

Indeed to say that Lara Dutta’s dedication and hard work of all stylists and makeup artists have definitely paid off well!



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