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US citizens have a great chance to watch horror movies and get USD 1,300! Know more information here

Some people are indeed such a fan of horror movies that people like watching horror movies and binging on them continuously. Like, do any flickering of light or any crackling sounds strike your mind to think of any paranormal presence? Or do you love to binge continuously on a series of horror movies late at night even though it may get your heart racing? Well, I’m sure that most horror movie lovers like to do so. But actually can you ever imagine that you may get a job offer from a US-based company that will pay you a good amount just to simply watch horror movies? Well, you read that right!

FinanceBuzz US-based company has announced that they will give USD 1300 which is approximately rupees 95,500 for a job offer for a horror movie heart rate analyst. Wondering what you have to do? Well, not so much but the person has to watch horror movies and also wear a Fitbit that will monitor the person’s heartbeat. And the candidate who will be selected will also get a liberty to rank the movies! The person has to watch 13 horror movies in October. FinanceBuzz has also detailed more information in their press meet. 

source = indiatoday

FinanceBuzz said, “in honor of the upcoming spooky season we at FinanceBuzz are dying to know whether or not high but horror movies deliver stronger stars than low budget ones” while releasing the offer. They added, “you will help us discover whether or not a movie’s budget in packs of just how inducing it can be by wearing a Fitbit to monitor your heart rate whether you work your way through the list of 13 movies. “

The 13 scariest movie that a person is supposed to watch is:

  • Saw
  • Amityville horror
  • A quiet place
  • A quiet place part 2
  • Candyman
  • Insidious
  • The Blair witch project
  • Sinister
  • Get out
  • The purge
  • Halloween 2018
  • Paranormal activity
  • Annabelle

In addition to this, the person will also get a dollar 50 gift card to cover the rental cost to fund the fright feast. The eligibility is that the applicant should be a United States citizen and also more than 18 years of age. The application server starts on September 26 and the candidates will be chosen by October 1st. The Fitbit will be delivered by October 4th and from October 9th to October 18th they can binge the movies and complete the assignment. Isn’t it really interesting?

Well in India one such weird job was assigned to some people last year when a Bengaluru-based company was offering around rupees 1lakh for the people who will sleep at work. This Bengaluru-based company named Wakefit came up with the idea of a sleeping internship in which the person has to do nothing but sleep for 9 hours a night and the person will be paid 1 lakh rupees for this simple job. In the United States, a company offered a dollar 500 for people to buy Netflix and to eat pizza as a way of looking for a professional binge-watcher.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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