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Amazing video of a 12 year old girl. She easily punches the tree!

We often hear that it doesn’t set limits, and age doesn’t matter. But only a few people claim it to be accurate, and such stories always hurt the headlines. Such a story is going crazy viral on social media platforms. All the social media users who came to know about this 12-year-old girl are currently left in complete shock. Her skills have made her so famous today, and people love it. This story of a 12-year-old boxer shows off how people of any age group can do anything they want. 

The story of Evnika Saadvakass from Russia has gotten so much attention. It js from people around the globe. The young girl got Fame because not only to prove her skills but also her boxing skills are amazing. All of her boxing skills prove how good she is. Her videos which are available online, show all of her boxing skills. It also shows her throwing a flurry of punches that caught many eyes. Her current video of punching a tree has gone super viral. 

Evnika is getting her training with the help of her father, Rustram Saadvakass. Well, her father is also a professional boxing coach. Luckily the father of the 12-year-old caught his daughter’s talent and interest in boxing. He came to know about her boxing skills when she was only four years old. He knew about his daughter’s talent and interest in boxing when she was four years old. 

When he spoke to the media about her daughter’s skills, Saadvakass said, “When Evnika was four, I noticed she was showing these beautiful moves. She was so attentive and hardworking. It’s a good sign of character. I saw the first spark of what I needed to develop.” She is not alone to train. Along with her seven siblings and their father accompanying her, she trains very well. 

The siblings train five times a week in Russia’s Voronezh area. The 12-year old’s mother, Ania Saadvakass, is also a former gymnast. The mother of the siblings is the only one who is not a boxer in the family. Back in 2022, the seven-year-old Rory van Ulft got a lot of attention around the globe. 

She was able to deadlift 80 kilograms, and the video instantly went viral. She was the youngest person who won the title, and it is in the USA Weightlifting Youth National Championship. As soon as the videos were available online, all the social media users were left in complete amazement. 

In the comment section of the video many people were sharing their views and thoughts. Many praised her for working so hard. Users also praised the parents for supporting them so well. Also, many people said it was good to see how well the siblings were getting their training from their father. The video’s comment section is with all positive reviews and comments from around the globe.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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