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Amazing viral video: army men performance on Khukuri dance.

One of the most challenging tasks one can do is to guard the borders. Not only is it dangerous but also to face all the climatic changes, something really tough—sub-zero temperatures. In a video that is going viral, you can see the troops of the Indian Army performing. They are performing a ‘Khukuri dance’. The snow-covered Kupwara district in north Kashmir is the location in the video.

We usually find so many entertaining videos every single day on the Internet. Well, a video is currently winning millions of hearts on the Internet. It is something that you should really give a watch look at if you are a social media user for sure.

 Well, the video was initially available online. Now it is pretty much famous on all the social media platforms shared by many. The video clip shows soldiers moving in unison. one more thing that is really eye-catching in the video is the breathtaking landscape. You can see a thick blanket of white covering the land. The fully snowy region looks absolutely picturesque. The amazing locations for sure will give you an idea of the freezing climate over there. Well, nine of the army men are seen in the video. 

They are performing the ‘Khukuri’ dance. The army men are performing in unison next to the national flag. “Troops of the Indian Army performed ‘Khukuri Dance’ in the snow-clad ranges of the Tangdhar sector in the Kupwara district of north Kashmir,” said the caption of the video clip. 

The video is currently unavailable on the Internet. It has got more than 33 lakh views. All the social media is like taking it in the comment section to share their views on the video clip. Many are praising the army men for such an amazing performance. Many were also lauding the soldiers for performing in the cold temperature of the region. 

“Proud of the guardians of the borders! Your courage, capability, devotion and patriotism keep our Bharat safe from the dangers. The Nation can never thank you enough!Jai Hind Vande Maataram,” said a social media user. As per the records, in the Gorkha culture, ‘Khukuri’ is a small knife. This is a symbol of victory, robustness and power as per the culture. 

The sharp blade of the knife and the carved wooden handle is a part of a prop in the dance performance. It is as per the culture. All the dancers performing this dance use different types of skills. Many use tricks showing off their knife skills while moving to the beat in a rhythm. As per, the dancers that are the soldiers who are in the video are performing as a tribute to soldiers. It is for the security they provide. 

This is not only one of the best Army based videos that you must have seen in the past few months. A few days back, one of the videos showing the medical team of the Indian Army went viral. They were helping a pregnant woman from near the LoC on an emergency basis. The pregnant lady was in an ambulance with the help of medical team soldiers. It happened when the region faced heavy snowfall, and the soldiers were carrying the lady on a stretcher.

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Swetha Sivakumar
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