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Anand Mahindra shares a video of a man stacking the bricks on his head, netizens react to it:

You may have seen that the Twitter account of Anand Mahindra is fully filled with loads of content of interesting videos and photos. We can see that Anand Mahindra loves to share viral videos and tell the importance behind those videos and whenever Anand Mahindra usually shares any viral Twitter post on videos on his Twitter account netizens love to share their thoughts regarding it. Recently Anand Mahindra has posted one video which has gone viral again.

Anand Mahindra posted a video of a man balancing a stack of bricks on his head. This 57-second video of a man piling up the bricks on his head one by one has gone viral and it has already reached above 77k views and 6 thousand likes. Well, it seems that this video has been initially recorded on a construction site in India.

While he posted this video on his Twitter account, Anand Mahindra also speaks about the exceptional skills of the man and how the way he was piling up the bricks in a balancing way was exceptional. But at the same time, Anand Mahindra was also concerned about the risk was taking, as it’s indeed a risky task. He captioned the post :

“No one should have to do such risky manual labour. But you have to admire this man for turning his drudgery into an art form. Does anyone know where this is from? Can his employers provide automation and also recognize his higher-order skills?”

As he posted the video netizens started sharing the thoughts they have regarding this video. The tweet went viral and people started overflowing Anand Mahindra’s tweet comment section. Check out some comments:

  • “Sir, the unfortunate part of this is that if this gets automated and this guy not skilled to do and other jobs he and many like him will lose livelihood opportunity”
  • “With automation, these workers will lose their job…I agree it has to be safe with these workers do not know anything else”
  • “Sir, automation is possible, vo kaha gaya hai na avashyakta avishkar ki Janani hai. Conveyor belts for movements and hydraulic lifts for upward are there, but what after that, such labour will struggle for bread and butter. He is not alone for doing this so many are there”
  • “If only such high intelligence could be put into better use. Raising above drudgery… Human spirit sometimes is beyond amazing. We should feel sad if we think it is a common sight. Nothing to be proud of.”
  • “One thing is sure sir, he must be from Bihar or eastern UP from which I belong. We are the modern slaves of Western and Southern states like Maharashtra, Tamilnadu Gujarat, etc.”
  • “Itis scary as the number of bricks keeps increasing I had to gather the courage to see the video till the end”
  • “Sir, this is normal all around, at least in the Indian scenario. Actually, more automation leads them to work harder because of the comparison with machines. Also the competition for the jobs. This is practice over the years, although it’s painful but had to accept the truth. Automation is coming.”

As mentioned earlier the chairman of the Mahindra group loves to start such conversations on his Twitter account. He has posted many such videos like a poor woman feeding a peacock, which was, too, one of his most viral posts and recently his one tweet went so viral regarding gifting the Olympian Neeraj Chopra an XUV. The request was actually made to get Neeraj Chopra a premium XUV 700 by a user and Anand Mahindra quickly replied to the user that it will be a personal privilege and honor to gift Neeraj Chopra and XUV 700. Well, it seems that Anand Mahindra loves to interact with everyone on Twitter!



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