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Earthquake in Haiti: The death toll is now around 1400, and the number of deaths is still increasing!

On Saturday in Haiti, a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southwestern part of the hemisphere’s poorest nation. This has caused multiple deaths and even more injuries. Hundreds of people struck under churches, schools and homes. These were also crumbled in the earthquake. The houses were drastically collapsed, most of the hospitals were also damaged and the roads got buckled. For Haitians, during the absence of any government help the church was the only source of aid for their lives but unfortunately Haiti’s earthquake also damaged it.

This earthquake, centered about 125 KM has triggered many landslides also. According to some reports, the death toll is now around 1400, and the number is still increasing. While on the other hand the number of injured persons now is at around 6500. The hospital, located in southwestern Haiti got flooded with many patients who got injured or deceased due to this earthquake. The hospital filled up with patients and there were so many patients that they had to lie in corridors, verandas, and hallways. But it didn’t stop here. Recently, on Monday night, a looming storm that would bring heavy rains was also reported and officials got the order to relocate the patients as the hospital was in poor condition.

The situation is worsening day by day. The death toll is still increasing and the number of injured patients is also increasing. The most heartbreaking part is that the patients have to wait under heat also at an airport tarmac so that they can get some help. The country is actually known to be the poorest in the Western hemisphere, and this place also faces other problems like the corona pandemic, gang violence, and political uncertainty. While they all were suffering from severe poverty this earthquake has worsened the situation even more.

According to some reports, the arrival of a tropical depression will worsen the situation as it’s predicted that it will bring heavy rains, strong winds, mudslides, and even floods. Light rain on Monday evening was even seen in Les Cayes.

But everyone is trying their best to help them. The director of Les Cayes General Hospital, Gede Peterson, has said that they have planned to put up some tents in the hospital patios, but also they are facing a tension that could not be safe. Executive director of UNICEF Henrietta Fore has also said that they require urgent health care, clean water, food, and shelter. Further Fore also said that the children need protection who got separated from their parents. In addition to this, the medical workers from all around the region are trying their best to help as the hospitals located in Les Cayes are not enough to treat such a huge number of patients or to perform surgeries. The treatment of injured people was becoming difficult as pain killers, steel pins to mend fractures are running out. The agency head Jerry Chandler said that the agency is now working to provide the resources to the areas affected badly.

The newly appointed Prime Minister Ariel Henry has started taking action and has also started providing help to the areas where the situations are worse or where the hospitals are filled up with patients. The CNP is doing their best to help but as the damages are huge they are needing aid from the US now. The organization requires funds to provide more medical supplies and help the people.

According to some reports of the officials, it’s said that the powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed more than 7000 homes, 5000 damaged from the earthquake, and resulting in 30000 families being homeless. The country has faced a huge loss as the schools, hospitals, and businesses got completely destroyed.



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