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Why did a man in a Spider-Man outfit meet Pope Francis? His reason will bring a smile to your face

Often we have seen superheroes in movies who are really helpful to everyone and make everyone happy. But have you ever seen a real-life superhero, but in the outfit of Spider-Man whose mission is to make every hospitalized child happy? 

Well, spider-man is surely one of the most famous characters and the one who does not want to be a superhero in real life or to be one in fact? And also have you ever seen a superhero meeting a Pope? Truly the news became headlines in a few minutes and it started spreading as a rapid-fire in a forest around the globe!

A Vatican gathering by Pope Francis on May 23, 2021. Usually, Pope Francis is always the main person of these gatherings but during the gathering conducted on May 23, a man dressed in a Spider-Man outfit became the star of the gathering.

The superhero in the outfit was Mattia Villardita, a 28-year-old man who has worn the comic book and superheroes outfits for the past 4 years to cheer up and to make the hospitalized children smile and be happy in the Vatican’s pediatric hospital.

Mattia planned to visit the hospital later that Wednesday after conducting the gathering. He also booked the VIP seat in the audience. After the gathering was over and Pope Francis was about to leave, Mattia went to Pope Francis and they both greeted each other and happily shook hands with each other. During the conversation, Mattia shared the reason for wearing the costume and also requested Pope Francis to pray for the children and their families who had to reach the hospital. At the end of the conversation, he gave the Pope a Spiderman mask. When he spoke about the reason for giving the Spider-Man mask to Pope, he said: “I gave Pope Francis one of my masks as a sign to tell him that through these eyes I can see the pain from sick children in hospitals”. 

Pope Francis

Mattia also shared that as soon as he gave the mask to Pope Francis, the Pope immediately understood the mission of Mattia. The public reaction was surely very much mind-blowing after seeing and knowing about the news.

The public was really amazed by the “Superhero’s” behavior as all the people have faced this type of meeting for the first time. As the photos of the interaction between the Pope and the superhero went viral on Twitter, netizens started reacting to it in a lovely way. Mattia took pictures with youngsters who attended the Vatican court. 

The efforts truly won the hearts of many who came to know about the amazing news. All the people in the Vatican addressed Mattia as a really good superhero who tried to help and to make all the children happy, who were in the hospital. The superhero even made 1400 video calls to the children who were in the hospital and made them smile even in the pandemic.



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