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Jailer Box Office Collection 400 Crore: “Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’ Continues Box Office Rampage – Crossing 425 Crores Worldwide!”

The highly anticipated movie “Jailer,” starring Rajinikanth and Tamannaah Bhatia continues to dominate the global box office with its collections reaching an impressive 425.4 crores worldwide after only seven days of release. It ranks fourth among the highest-grossing Tamil movies worldwide, ninth in the highest-grossing South Indian films list, and 18th among the highest-grossing Indian films.

The 7th-day box office collection for “Jailer” saw a strong performance with 23.15 crores gross worldwide, with an All-India collection of 20 crores gross.

Jailer Box Office Collection 400 Crore Worldwide

The breakdown of “Jailer’s” total collections after 7 days are as follows:

  • 425.4 crores gross worldwide
  • All India: 269.5 crores gross or 228 crores nett
  • Tamil Nadu: 123.45 crores gross
  • Andhra Pradesh / Telangana: 54.4 crores gross
  • Karnataka: 47.45 crores gross
  • Rest of India: 8.2 crores gross
  • Kerala: 36.05 crores gross
  • Overseas: 155.9 crores gross

“Jailer’s” day-wise box office collection for the first week showcases a strong start, which contributed significantly to its overall collections:

  • Day 1: 91.2 crores gross worldwide
  • Day 2: 52.9 crores gross worldwide
  • Day 3: 78.15 crores gross worldwide
  • Day 4: 80 crores gross worldwide
  • Day 5: 48 crores gross worldwide
  • Day 6: 52.1 crores gross worldwide

“Jailer” has the distinction of having the second-highest opening day collection among Tamil movies worldwide, with a staggering 91.2 crores gross, outperforming many other major releases.

“Jailer” was produced with a budget of 200 crores, which includes Rajinikanth’s remuneration. Before its release, the film had already amassed a significant pre-release business of 120 crores through theatrical rights sales. The non-theatrical business brought in an additional 100 crores. With a table profit of 20 crores already secured, “Jailer” has set a high standard for successful film production.

The movie was released on approximately 1100 screens in Tamil Nadu, 500 screens in Andhra Pradesh / Telangana, and 500 screens in Kerala and Karnataka, totaling a global screen count of 2900.

“Jailer” will be deemed a hit if it reaches 240 crores worldwide and achieves a distributor share of 120 crores.

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