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Do you know nowadays doctors are using an iPhone for eye treatment! Know what exactly happened!

Dr. Tommy Korn is an ophthalmologist, who has recently hit the headlines because of his unique way to treat his patients who are coming for eye treatment. This doctor showed the world that there is a very unique way that you can use Apple’s newly released iPhone 13 Pro Max. Well, it is true that over the years, medical science has developed and the doctor has taken it to a whole new level by using the newly released iPhone, he has used the iPhone 13 pro-Max to treat his patient’s eye.

He shared this idea on LinkedIn and ever since the news came out it has gone crazy viral on several social media platforms and the netizens have reacted a lot to his idea. Last month, Apple officially announced the release of the latest iPhone 13 series which has been long-awaited by many potential buyers in the market. 

source = 9to5mac

After the official statement was released by Apple, the company is deciding to introduce the four new smartphones to the company’s lineup. Apple has come up with a new idea of using macro photography to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It has planned a photography function that has been available on competing for Android phones for years now. 

Apple’s high-end models are known for their excellent cameras and Apple iPhone users are proud to have the smartphones just because of the extremely amazing camera qualities. So this ophthalmologist is using an iPhone 13 Pro Max to diagnose patients with eye-related diseases and he made it to the headlines for sure. Dr. Tommy Korn, husband recently using the iPhone 13 pro-Max to diagnose and treat his patients on LinkedIn. 

The doctor has been shooting photographs of his patients’ eyes using the macro mode on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The pictures have helped him so that he can better comprehend medical issues and disorders. As per the explanation given by the doctor, he has been doing the diagnoses of his patients using the macro mode on his smartphone successfully. Apple, unlike many Android manufacturers, did not deploy a new macro lens on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

The benefit is that the iPhone company has now employed an ultra-wide camera, which is capable of capturing photographs of objects as near as two centimeters from the lens. As per Dr. Korn, of the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, the feature helps him to treat his patients who received a cornea transplant as an example. He said, “Been using the iPhone 13 Pro Max for MACRO eye photos this week. Impressed. Will innovate patient eye care & telemedicine. forward to seeing where it goes… Photos are from healing a resolving abrasion in a cornea transplant. Permission was obtained to use photos,” the doctor explained in the post. “PS: this “Pro camera” includes a telephone app too!” 

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