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E-commerce trends in the pandemic

It is a true fact that the covid-19 crisis has accelerated the e-commerce trend. Due to the lockdown, many businesses went digital, consumers have also adapted to the online purchasing methods. Online shopping has become much trendier, adaptable, useful, and secure in many regions of the country. The trend of e-commerce seen in the past few months is likely to be maintained in the future too as many consumers have found digital shopping websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc, much more convenient and easier. The pandemic has indeed benefited many leading digital platforms this year. With the cities undergoing lockdown now and then, many resources are provided online to the public now. From household essentials to medicines and other things have been supplied through online platforms.

Changes in e-commerce:

People have embraced social distancing and have adapted e-commerce to purchase items as per their requirements. From grocery e-commerce to digital services, many things are found in digital platforms now. A few months back, Nielsen’s data recorded the increase in sales of hygienic material. Digital streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, and much more have gained more subscribers since 2020 due to the pandemic outbreak. Other businesses which couldn’t go online like restaurants, travel, much more have faced a huge loss. Vogue businesses have faced a loss of about $10 billion during the early outbreak of coronavirus in 2020.

Marketers and consumers in the pandemic:

It was currently recorded that 95% of shoppers who use online platforms like Amazon have opted to continue shopping online due to their convenient delivery services. Many e-commerce brands have been seen making different marketing strategies to reach out to their customers. In 2021, e-mail will be the top priority used by marketers to attract consumers. Mobile e-commerce has been steadily growing and as per the predictions made by 2022, mobile retain revenue will pass $432 billion. Paid search ads are also increasing rapidly with the increased usage of online platforms. The leading casual apparel company, Gap, is expecting to have 50% of its sales through digital platforms. Many shoppers stay online and many have been using social media apps to make purchases much easier. The fear of contracting the virus has kept many potential customers far away from the physical stores which led to boosts in online shopping. For example, Inc. reported that total visits to their platform have jumped up higher as compared to the previous years. Looking at Amazon’s traffic growth, it has been clear that the trend of w-commerce is at its peak. Due to the pandemic, it has also been reported that e-commerce sales would reach up to $861.12 billion until the year 2022.

With the increasing number of businesses and brands providing services and goods by digital platforms, it is sure that e-commerce will get a huge boost in the upcoming months. Many satisfied customers spoke that they will continue using digital platforms to get resources even in the post-pandemic period.



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