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Employees laid off this year. Issues and problems

The impact of the pandemic has been widely seen for many months now and the spread of coronavirus has really affected employment in India. During the outbreak of the virus, many companies, especially in the IT sector fired the employees due to the lack of projects given to companies. Many start-ups also found it really difficult to pay their employees leading to economic fall-out. As the covid-19 situation continues, many lower-income families have started to be laid off or even lost their jobs because of the coronavirus. The current crisis has indeed affected the lives of many, especially for the ones who depend on daily wages as an income to provide for their families.

Covid-19 effects on employees:

Most of the workers who are working remotely have been receiving less income as compared to the times when they used to work on-site. Many American employees who lost their job due to the pandemic have been seen applying for unemployment benefits. With the decrease in income, the psychological impact on people who are facing an economic crisis is high. Emotional wracking, stress to deal with the loss of income, grief, anger are some of the main things that many employees have faced in the past few months. Although many countries have been hit a lot harder due to the virus, the rate of unemployment in India is drastically high as compared to them. The shutdown of many industries has led to the falling out of many sectors. Due to the pandemic, for the safety of the public, there has been lockdown and strict guidelines imposed by the government of India which led to employees having massive pay cuts. Areas of food service, door-to-door sales, real estate, travel, and much more have got severely affected due to the pandemic. However, a lot of businesses are trying to maintain a smooth operation via the work-from-home trend. Many businesses are now processed online with the increasing demand for web developers and cloud computing specialists. Also, the public has been adapting to digital marketing and online shopping much more currently. But talking about the businesses which cannot go online are still facing crucial issues. As the virus persists, the government is still trying to help out people who depend on daily wages.

Mental health, psychological problems, and unemployment:

It is commonly known that sudden pay cuts and unemployment can cause stress which ultimately turns to affect our mental health leading to negative consequences. Many engineers, teachers, and also industry workers have faced anxiety and lower self-esteem due to a lack of jobs. Long-term unemployment again leads to poor mental health. As ensuring safety is important, many sectors are following the pandemic restrictions even by facing huge losses. Psychologists have advised that reduced income should not affect one’s mental balance, and the best way to deal with it is to have a positive mind and to stay strong. As many businesses have gone online, online job recruiters are still in the search of good workers.



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