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Huge Python can be seen attacking in the zookeeper and the video goes viral

Currently, a video is going very much viral on several social media platforms and it’s a terrifying scene that making it go so viral. Surely a huge Python attacking zookeeper can be a terrific scene to watch. This video has gone crazy viral on social media and it was firstly shad by Jay Brewer. He is the founder of the reptile zoo in California and in the video it can be clearly seen that an ivory and grey snake keeps attacking the zookeeper.  Well, not once but the snake attacks the zookeeper twice. Brewer is often seen sharing such viral interesting videos of snakes and other animals from his zoo on his social media account and this trending video was firstly shared by him on Monday on his official Instagram account. 

The caption of the video was ” she GOT ME I take a risk so I can get the babies in the incubator where it’s safe… in this case, I had to take one for the team.” Many netizens were in shock and many of them also found this video very interesting. Well in the video it is clear that the California zookeeper was trying to collect the snake’s eggs to put them in an incubator. However, things took a nasty turn when he got bitten by the python. How was his passion for the work that he does is surely remarkable. Many netizens love his account and the way he cares for the animals in the zoo. Some also expressed their concern over the bruise on Brewer’s face as he got bitten by the Python on his face directly. However, to make a note of this is not the first time that he had to deal with a python attack. 

The zookeeper previously in the month of March also uploaded a video where he was dodging an attack by another python. That video too went crazy viral and then we have here another one that shows his love for his work. The comment section of the video was all filled with emojis and views of several medicines from around the globe. Well, netizens did not take a step back in showing how much they were really amazed at the video. 

Also being a famous breeder of reticulated python known for the color and pattern variations, Brewer surely knows how to keep several social media users engaged with his account and his interesting videos with zoo animals. Currently, the video has more than 300000 likes and it keeps increasing every single second. This video clearly states that being a zookeeper is not an easy task and especially when you have to deal with huge pythons. However, Brewer’s passion for his work and the way he cares for the animals in a zoo are really appreciated.



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