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Here are the best YouTubers who entertained us in the pandemic

When we all know that you created a generation of stars as a platform is open to show all kinds of talent we possess. In this crucial period when there was no place left to visit and there were no restaurants and movie theatres open, YouTube was one of the best forms of entertainment and surely it became a great source to keep ourselves far away from boredom especially when India was following full lockdown rules. There are many youtubers who started posting videos and different content on the YouTube channels animal bloggers and content creators who are already on the platform write the best to make the full use of the extra time they are getting due to the pandemic.. from funny video content that kept us rolling on the floor laughing to motivational and knowledgeable videos which does come across new culture, trend and concepts.

Few best youtubers and how they made our day!

YouTube is a platform that is used from kids to adults and the pandemic surely has fuelled the hunger for online content which led to a series of amazing videos to stream online in this platform. The content creators and the loyal band of our Shirley never fail to surprise us with their new amazing content and famous YouTubers like CarryMinati, Amit Bhadana, Ashish Chanchlani, and much more kept us engaged with their super funny and super entertaining videos. Also cooking channels from very well renowned chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Sanjay Thumma and others help people to learn cooking especially during the Quarantine period. Also as many students were following online schooling the views on YouTube channels which taught students to make understandable videos on tough concepts proved to be very helpful to the students and the views on channels like unacademy, Khan Academy, and much more also increased at a higher rate. With so much extra time in our hands, people tend to explore many things, and what is better than YouTube that gives a glimpse of all the entertaining things around the globe?

YouTube and the time we spend on it:

A platform like YouTube can surely be very addictive and especially when we are forced to stay in a home for days and days we cannot rely on anything else except this entertaining platform. Such a wide variety of short videos that the platform offers are truly eye-catching which make you spend hours and hours of a day watching random stuff. However it is much better to learn something new on this platform and spend your time productively rather than watching only entertaining videos. Also people can actually know no the average time they spend daily and weekly on YouTube. Nevertheless the YouTube culture is very draining nowadays as the number of content creators and their subscribers are also rapidly increasing making YouTube one of the most significantly used apps as compared to other social media apps as it not only helps to earn but also it is a free platform to show your interest and talent.



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