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Lockdown leads to reduction of traffic accidents in India

Well with the speed of virus and strict guidelines imposed by the government to keep the spread of virus under control lockdown is a term which has been coined a lot for the past few months. Well not only having a lockdown staying, completely at home for days and days is kind of the pressing for many citizens but it in the midst of so many bad depressing news we got to know that imposition of logged on as not only lead to a reduction in the spread of virus but also currently the the death cases due to the traffic accidents in the country is very low as compared to all the years when there was no trace of covid-19. When the logon was at its peak in the last year there were around 20000 fewer death cases due to the crashes and road accidents in India.

As compared to April and June month of 2019 the road crashes in India were around 41,032 virus after imposing the lockdown in 2020, the death cases due to road crashes in the month of April and June 2020 around 20,732. There was a complete fall of more than 20 percent of death cases due to accidents in India and it made 2020 one of the safest years on Indian roads for sure. Well it is a true fact that the logon has contributed to decrease the accidents and death rate in India from the past few months and as per the minister for road transport and highways death cases will be halved by 2025.

As per the previous records, India has lost almost 1.5 lakh of people every single year due to road accidents. However as per the current records and reports by the end of the year 2030 the road accidents will probably decrease to 75000 cases. In the previous years, most road accidents were caused among people who belong to the age group of 18 to 35. According to the records from the World Bank records India usually ranks highest due to the road accidents caused as compared to the other countries globally and giving the output of the virus also the cases where high but currently the situation is under control and as road safety matters even in the pandemic time it is important to be cautious as hospitals have already been flooded with patients who tested positive due to coronavirus. It is always advised that the public should try their best to maintain their body and health to stay away from hospitals for now as many patients who were seriously affected due to the virus.



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