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Hindi diwas 2021: Know all about its significance and history!

Languages are an important tool that helps to communicate between two or more people. India can be said to have a huge diversity of culture and tradition, as India is known for its wide range of cultures and the number of languages spoken in this country. But in India, it can be said that most people find it convenient to communicate with each other in Hindi besides their regional languages. As a result, Hindi has become the preferable language for many people in India. 

Also to celebrate its popularity and also to mark its addition as one of the official languages of India in the Devanagari script, Hindi diwas is celebrated on September 14th every year. 

As we say that language helps to tie people together, talking about Hindi language dialects like Khariboli, Bundeli, Awadhi, Braj, bagheli act as knots to tie the people together. Once Mahatma Gandhi also stated that Hindi is a language for the masses. Talking about this, Mahatma Gandhi also decided to make the national language of the nation Hindi. After English, Spanish, and Mandarin Hindi comes as the fourth most spoken language in the world and marking the importance of Hindi, Hindi diwas is celebrated for reminding the importance of this language to the people. 

Let’s know about the history of a Hindi diwas:

It goes back to the time when India gained independence. So at that time, India felt a need for an official language so that they can have communication between all the government departments and reach out to the public. So keeping this in mind, Hindi was accepted by the constituent assembly then as the official language of India. This acceptance of Hindi as the official language of India was done on September 14th, 1949. As this was selected as an official language on September 14th, people also started celebrating Hindi diwas from the year 1953. Well in addition to this, September 14 also signifies the birth anniversary of Indian scholar Beohar Rajendra Simha, who is also a writer and historian who raised Hindi to global recognition. And gradually it was also adopted as one of the official languages under article 343 of the Indian constitution. 

Let’s know about the significance of the Hindi diwas:

This idea of dedicating a day for celebrating Hindi and promoting Hindi language feels that the language has not yet achieved its full potential. Nowadays it seems that English as the global language has granted extreme importance and the celebrations are used to promote the use of the Hindi language or we can say the domestic language. So to spread this language even more and to get a wider acceptance of this language Hindi has to become a language for the people and not remain confident just for cultural events some people say. According to some people, it is said that people should welcome literary and cultural events in support of Hindi, and also this event has to be spread in public widely by taking the advantage of Technology. So on this day many organizations honor and give awards to the Hindi poets, writers, and cultural activists who contributed and enriched the Hindi language. and talking about the school and college level some schools and colleges organize quiz competitions too. Surely this day is celebrated to invoke the forgotten value of domestic languages. 
Well to clear the confusion, one should not confuse Hindi diwas to the World Hindi day that falls on January 10th. World Hindi day was celebrated from the year 2006 to popularize the languages in other parts of the world which were introduced by Manmohan Singh former Prime Minister of India. On World Hindi day Indian embassies and government officers organized lectures on various topics in Hindi to create awareness about the condition of Hindi and present it as a world language.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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