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Wild bears playing football together goes viral on the internet! Have a look here

We often come across many videos on the internet where we can see cute animals playing with their owners or any soft toys. These videos are usually too cute to handle as you can see animals playing cutely with anything that is in their surroundings. But, surely, you may have seen mostly dogs or cats playing with the ball by catching it as the owner throws it for them or bringing a ball from a distance. But have you ever come across any video where you can see a bear playing with a ball? Football? Well, if not, then you might see now as a video of two bears playing football is winning many hearts on the internet as in addition to this the crowd is also cheering for them. 

Recently a video that was posted by a Twitter user went viral on the internet. This video was posted by a Twitter user named Suffain. And in this video, it can be seen that two bears are playing with a football happily, and in addition to this the audience who were enjoying this were also cheering for them. And this incident has happened in Nabarangpur district in Odisha.

As the Twitter user named Suffain posted this on the famous microblogging site, the user also explained that the bears who are featured in this video are a mother and kid. The caption of the video is, “wild bear (mother and kid) playing football in Odisha Nabarangpur district sukhigaon area. Looking back it was a pleasure to behold for many”. Well, this caption truly describes the video as looking at this cute mother and the kid duo is a pleasurable sight for sure. 

So in this video, it is also seen that a group of local boys was also enjoying the pleasurable site from a distance of 100 meters and they were cheering the bear duo. It is seen that the mama bear runs at the ball and the cub also follows her. The mama bear kicks the ball. Shows her amazing skills, throws the football in the air and passes the football to the cub as the cub was also trying to catch it. At the end of the video, it can be seen that the crowd was cheering happily as the bears continued their game and took the ball with them to the Woods. 

As per some reports, it is said that the incident which happened in Odisha was actually when some kids were playing football in the village free ground and suddenly 2 bears appeared. As a result, everyone panicked, leaving the ball at the place and going away from the beer but later as this so the bears were playing happily they watched them playing at a distance and it was an amazing scene for the boys and bears too were so engrossed in playing with the ball.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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