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Man convinces people to drink milk instead of alcohol on New year’s eve!

From the past few months, we have seen so many campaigns going crazy viral on the Internet that tends to share the awareness among the people and many social media users at a higher rate. Many of these campaigns are begun just to let people know what the harmful effects of consuming more alcohol and especially drinking alcohol have on many occasions.

 We know that it is a common trend and is actually very popular among youngsters in different parts of the country to enjoy their time, especially at events consuming alcohol. Well, this man try to spread awareness regarding Earth and he decided to take it to a whole new level when he dressed up as Ravana. 

Another shocking thing that this man did which went crazy over the internet as he distributed milk at traffic lights on New Year’s Eve to let people know about the harmful effects of alcohol. In a viral post which is doing the rounds, this man can be seen clad in Ravana’s costume and can be seen holding a small packet of milk and a sword-like object in his hand.

source = everydayhealth

 Horns attached to his head and a large mustache are all part of his amazing costume. “We are spreading the message ‘Daru Nakho, Dudh Khao’ (Drink milk, not alcohol). I want people to disown their inner Ravana, give up alcohol and choose milk instead,” the man said. The man, identified as Arun Ohar, spoke to news agency ANI.

A local leader said that the timing of the campaign was relevant as many people hang out in bars or pubs on New Year’s night. “Alcohol addiction is increasing in our society. This is leading to many serious societal problems and families are breaking up. Campaigns such as these which ask people to give up alcohol are very important,” he stated to ANI. 

Well, we got to see many festive greetings trying to spread cheer joy on social media on the first day of the year, and then there are many such videos and pictures spreading awareness and campaigns for the well-being of everyone. In one such witty message, the Assam Police department was seen stating to people that they should celebrate responsibly and not be their guests. 

The witty message by the police department was loved by everybody on the Internet because it clearly stated that if anyone decides to flout norms, then they will be more than welcome to join the police’s “party”. Another thing that they added to the message that made many social media users after they came across the post is that they stated that along with other things they will have a special performance by ‘DJ Lockup’ which will be waiting for them.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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