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If Delhi Metro was a person…’: Twitter user’s tweet wins many hearts!

Well, many people out there love to experience small beautiful activities such as taking a bus or a train to commute and they believe that there is a joy in some of these usual activities, like the small travel through public transport. People usually love to take public transport and some people are too engaged to feel the joy of traveling, even a small distance. 

Similarly, a Twitter user had a similar feeling after enjoying her rides on Delhi Metro. The user wrote a heartwarming thread and that thread is now going viral and has also resonated with many online users. Delhi metro is the rapid transit system that helps to connect various locations in and around the national capital region (NCR) and hence it is considered as one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the country. The Delhi metro system helps to offer an easy and comfortable ride to lakhs of commuters daily.

The Twitter user, named @CatPapa17, took to the microblogging site recently to share some pictures of her ride. As she shared the pictures, she wrote a caption that reads, “Super mad for reminding me how beautiful Delhi Metro is, leaving me in dire need of hugs and a pang of emptiness in my heart,” user further added.

Moved by the commuting experience, the Twitter user further added and expressed more about her love for public transport by adding some comforting words and talking about many roots and how each one of them is perfect depending on the feeling of the person. This led to the most comforting thread on Delhi Metro. She wrote, “If Delhi Metro was a person, they’d be the kind of person who gives free hugs to literally anyone for no reason at all,” the passenger wrote in her tweet

She further added, “Depressed? Ride the pink line,”, also, she said that if anyone wants to read a book, one can travel on the Yellow Line from Huda City Centre to Samaypur Badli.

She mentioned from the crowded stations to counter the feeling of being lonely, to take a train that will drop you off at the museum destination. The Twitter user’s words were more comforting for sure, as she argued how each line and route is special and beautiful in its own way.

“Someone took you for a ride? Go to Janakpuri West, ride the tallest escalator. Take a hug,” the person wrote. “Do you feel like you should be looking at flowers and architectural marvels? Go to Jor Bagh and walk Lodi Gardens or Safdarjung. Take a hug,” the user said in another tweet.

Indeed her tweet showcases so much comfortness for many such travel enthusiasts out there, for the people who find joy and relaxation by taking public transport. This feeling is surely understandable by most of them. Thus the tweet got so viral, as Delhi residents started praising her for such a beautiful description of the busiest place. The Twitter thread has gained many likes and comments, praising and lauding her for posting this positive thread.

A Twitter user wrote, “I moved to Delhi last month and I am already in love with Delhi Metro!… I love the two hours of my daily commute via Blue, Yellow, and Red lines…I have also started to explore the city on Sundays by Metro and I’m loving it!” 

While another one commented, “We used to stand for hours after school and watch people build it from in front of our school. We mapped all the routes end to end as and how they kept getting operational.

This thread brought all those memories back. I can smell the new metros right now. “

From sharing beautiful experiences to sharing nostalgic memories, the whole tweet and comments section is a comfortable place with lots of emotions, which radiates a positive feeling for sure!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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