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See to yourself how the bride creates first look photos on her wedding!

The ‘first look’ photos on wedding day is something that brides have been doing for a while now and each one of them adds their own twist. For some, the memories are funny while for some it is extra emotional. The raw emotions and love captured at the first look pictures always tend to go viral just like this US bride. 

However, this beautiful bride is making waves online because of her way for the first look trend. Instead of her husband, the bride decided to trend with her dog. Of course, the images came out to be so adorable that netizens cannot just get enough of them. Social media users can’t stop showering love on them and the bride Hana Kim won many hearts for sure. Hana Kim recently got married with her long-time beau Jarad Brickman. 

Their wedding ceremony was really intimate and the venue was in the woods of Camp Colton, located in Oregon. Well, what caught the eyes of everyone on the internet was her first-look images with her furry dog, Gumbo. The bride was wearing a chic white bridal gown, and Kim was seen arriving with her bouquet in hand. The canine stood at a distance and the golden retriever had a floral wreath around his neck. 

The furry friend of the bride looked visibly happy when the dog finally got a glimpse of her in her wedding dress. Delighted to see Kim, the pooch ran and greeted the bride with kisses. Kim decided to share the pictures of their adorable moment online and wrote on her Instagram account for her pets, “’I want a first look with my dog.’ Basically the only request I had for my entire day.” The Wedding photographer Stephanie Nachtrab, who caught the moment on the camera, stated it as “the sweetest thing” he had “ever documented”. 

Nachtrab also spoke about the bride’s bond with her pet dog and said: “I’m so honored that I got to capture a glimpse of what he means to her. As Gumbo would say ‘I’m so happy I got to marry my mom today!’” The newlyweds posed with their three dogs, Maple, Gumbo, and Aslan and they went viral. The couple also met because of their dogs back in 2014. They made sure their furry friends were an integral part of their nuptials. 

Their entire wedding ceremony had their four-legged members involved on their special day. Netizens who saw the pictures from the wedding ceremony are falling in love with the bride’s idea.  Pet parents could relate to the bride’s feelings and many got inspired from her to recreate the special photos with their pets on their big day too.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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