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Know about some unknown facts and the history of Engineer’s Day in India!

India celebrates Engineer’s Day giving tribute to the greatest Engineer of India, Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. His birth anniversary is on September 15 every year and thus this day is celebrated as Engineer’s Day. This Day is celebrated to pay tributes to Bharat Ratna Visvesvaraya who is also known as the ‘Father of Modern Mysore’. He was a great civic engineer, educationist, economist, scholar of the 20th century. He also made many contributions in the field of engineering. 

Engineer’s Day is that day when we acknowledge the efforts of various engineers who have always worked hard and given their best in this field to make our daily life easy. On Engineer’s Day, the entire nation pays tribute to Visvesvaraya. He was born in Karnataka in 1861 and was a holder of a Bachelor of Arts(BA) degree. He got his degree from the University of Mysore and then studied civil engineering at the College of Science in Pune. He became one of the best engineers the country has ever produced to date.

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Visvesvaraya started his career as an assistant engineer. He worked in the Public Works Department of the Government of Bombay. He had many contributions to technical projects in Mysore, Hyderabad, Odisha, and Maharashtra, and later he worked as Diwan of Mysore in 1912. Later as a chief engineer, he constructed Krishna Raja Sagara Dam.

He is a well-known precursor of economic planning of the country as he worked in the field of banking, education, commerce, agriculture, irrigation, and industrialization and created the block system of irrigation in the Deccan canals in 1899. He also planned the flood protection system in Hyderabad and the government also honored him with ‘Bharat Ratna’.

He founded the Government Engineering College in Bengaluru in 1917 which got again renamed as University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering and he was also an architect of Krishnaraja Sagar Dam. Visvesvaraya also served as one of the chief engineers of flood protection and he is famous for his excellent irrigation techniques and had flood disaster management skills. Apart from being one of the best engineers in India and from planning many successful projects for the country, he also wrote books. His books such as ‘Reconstructing India’ and ‘Planned Economy of India’ are one of the most famous engineering books. His work’s a bit of glimpse can be seen in the book and it shows a plot of his ideas for developing India too. Well for celebrating this auspicious day that is Engineer’s Day in 2021, a unique theme is set and that is the ‘Engineering for A Healthy Planet- Celebrating the UNESCO Engineering Report’. In the previous year, the theme for Engineer’s Day 2020 was, the theme was ‘Engineers for a Self-Reliant India.’ Newsletter items, social media broadcasts, and promotional campaigns play one of the most essential roles in deciding the unique theme for Engineer’s Day every year.

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