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PM Modi to inaugurate new office and 7000 defense officials to relocate

Recently more than 7000 officers of Defence Ministry including the staff are ready to move into the brand new opened offices that are located at Africa Avenue and the Kasturba Gandhi Marg from their existing workplace actually decade old in a class of Pre-independence era hutments which are located in the vicinity of the North and South blocks so that they can make some way for revamping the central vista. This information was provided by the people who are familiar and know something about the developments. This information was open on Tuesday.

Talking about the hutments some of the buttons are serving stables for the horses of the British army which dates back to more than 75 years ago. This statement has been operating for several decades and the statements are operated by more than 27 wings of the defense Ministry which also includes Navy station INS India, armed forces clinic, and also a medical wing of armed forces. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 16 has decided to inaugurate the new office complex for the defense ministry which is located at Africa Avenue and will now pave the way for relocation. This information is provided by the officials who knew about this revamping. 

Another official provided some more information about these new offices like the square feet and the area of the office. The official said, “The shifting of offices will be free 50 acres of land for Central Vista development. The defense ministry will vacate 9.2 lakh square feet of space in these hutments and take up 9.6 lakh square feet into new multi-storeyed complexes that are spread over a total area of 13 acres. “

According to some sources, it is also found that the complex which is located at Africa Avenue is scattered across four blocks and it also offers a space of 5.8 lakh square feet. While on the other hand the KG Marg setup has 3 blocks and it also has an office area of 4.52 lakh square feet.

In these offices, or we can say the new office complexes have been constructed and in a total amount of rupees 775 crores. This cost was provided by the defense ministry and the work was carried out by the ministry of housing and urban affairs as a part of the Central Vista project. The two complexes overall have a parking space of 1500 cars. This information was provided once again by the other official. 

These new buildings will also provide some modern facilities connectivity and welfare facilities which also includes canteens and banks. The core location of these buildings will ensure greater efficiency and also the working and thus the construction of the new complexes didn’t involve any uprooting of trees. 

The North and South block office complexes will be now reconstructed into museums and the Indira Gandhi National center will be relocated and in addition to this, the national archives will be remodeled. This was according to the central Vista plant which was approved by the center. Talking about the Prime Minister residence, it will now shift to the rear of the existing South block complex and the residence of the vice president will be relocated behind the north block.

According to Hindustan time reports of June 30, the new parliament house and the vice presidents and play will be the first buildings to be completed and then the work will be concentrated on shifting the National Museum to the north and south block. This huge plan of revamping Central Vista includes moving people, this will now take a time of the next six years as it is a big project.

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