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The viral meme of “disappointed fan” gets featured in Hong Kong’s museum of memes

In today’s digital world we come across very awesome and interesting memes. We all come across hundreds of memes nowadays but only a few of them can manage to leave the best impression. Rethinking such memes will always lead to burst out in laughter. But if a meme gets placed in Hong Kong’s museum of memes, that’s surely a big thing!

But first, what’s a museum of memes?

The first museum of memes launched by K11 Art Mall is in collaboration with the famous meme platform 9GAG. This is an online to offline me museum which shows more than a hundred of the most viral and hilarious memes from Hong Kong and all around the world. The main museum has seven zones that show viral memes of all time in the form of imagery, 3D, AR technology, etc. It also has a tattoo station where people can imprint their favorite memes on their bodies. Isn’t it amazing to just enter into a meme world rather than scrolling memes on your phone?

The “disappointed fan” meme gets featured in Hong Kong’s museum of memes.

Remember the famous meme of a disappointed Pakistani fan? The cricket fan who got disappointed because of Pakistan vs Australia World Cup match? Yes, the famous Pakistani guy Sarim Akhtar went viral so fast because of his disappointed face, that people started making much relatable memes with the help of the viral picture. Now, this meme has gone so viral that it was worth it to please this meme in Hong Kong’s museum of memes. This picture shows Sarim in a hilarious pose with his hands on his waist and with a disappointing expression. The reason behind his disappointment in this picture is that during Pakistan vs Australia ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Pakistani cricketer Asif Ali dropped David Warner’s catch. The cameraman suddenly showed Sarim with his vexed expression. On the same day, a Facebook user shared the video. Later ICC also treated a GIF of Sarim’s iconic pose.

These all videos and photos went viral and everyone started creating memes with the help of this photo which was really relatable. After seeing all these memes Sarim tweeted that he was loving all the memes that everyone started creating. In a Twitter post, Sarim shared the picture and also a video of the museum having his famous meme pose with the heading of “disappointed fan”, and also with the description “this photo features a disappointed cricket fan”. He captioned it “I got featured in the Hong Kong Museum of memes. Yohooo”. In the other post, he wrote “My sister found the video of Hong Kong K11 museum of memes on YouTube” in addition he also mentioned the time stamp (0:37).

The picture and video got so viral and people started congratulating him and the post overflowed with many likes and comments. One of the Twitter users commented “you are like the Mona Lisa now. Ages hence kids are going to look at this meme and say this is a masterpiece.” Well, that’s true! As this meme has been getting so much viral since 2019 till now. And people never fail to laugh whenever they see a meme, made with the help of his hilarious pose. Indeed it’s a masterpiece.

Another user commented “Me finding out there is a museum of memes” and posted sarim’s meme pic along with it. While another commented “congratulations, people disappoint in modeling and you have done modeling for disappointment. Can’t say keep it up ;). Wish you all happiness.”

As Hong Kong’s museum of memes showcases the most viral memes of all time, it is surely a great thing to get featured in this museum of memes



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