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The Invitation: Cast, Releasing Information, and More

After making a successful debut with The Light of the Moon, director Jessica M. Thompson has embarked on another feature picture. Her subsequent project, The Invitation, which she co-wrote with Blair Butler, modernises a gothic classic. Nathalie Emmanuel, a Game of Thrones actor, Thomas Doherty (Gossip Girl), and Stephanie Corneliussen appear in the horror thriller (Mr Robot).

Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel), who lost all of her family after her mother passed, does a DNA test in a last-ditch effort to connect with a relative. When she discovers a distant cousin and receives an invitation from his family to attend a lavish wedding in the English countryside, she is overjoyed beyond measure. A nightmare of survival begins as the twisted family secrets and actual motivations for the Invitation start to come to light.

The Bride was the film’s original title before Emile Gladstone (The Curse Of La Llorona) changed it, and Thompson and Michael P. Flannigan served as executive producers (Pitch Perfect). Mid-Atlantic Films and Screen Gems produced the film, while Sony Pictures Entertainment will handle its theatrical release in August 2022. Here is all the information you require about the film.

The Invitation Release date

On August 26, 2022, The Invitation will be seen in theatres throughout the country. There is currently no scheduled date for digital film distribution; it will only be available in theatres.

The cast of The Invitation  

Nathalie Emmanuel will portray the main character of Evie. She is best known for playing Missandei in the HBO series Game of Thrones. Still, she has also appeared as Ramsey in previous Fast and Furious films, including the upcoming Fast X. Although she is an English actress, The Invitation will cast her as an American. Thomas Doherty will portray Walter, a seductive and enticing potential love interest for Evie. Doherty portrayed Harry Hook in Disney’s Descendants 2 and 3, in addition to Max Wolfe in Gossip Girl.

With a long list of credits that includes Ratatouille, Bojack Horseman, the forthcoming Spider-Man animated series, and more, Patton Oswalt is also lending his voice to a crucial role.

One of Evie’s relatives at the estate is Viktoria, who Stephanie Corneliussen will play. When Evie accidentally cuts her finger during the nail-trimming scene in the teaser, she can be seen acting strangely. Additionally, she has appeared on Mr Robot and Legion. Other cast members include Hugh Skinner (Fleabag), Alana Boden, and Sean Pertwee, best known for playing Alfred Pennyworth in the television series Gotham (I Am Elizabeth Smart).

The plot of The Invitation  

When The Invitation premieres in theatres, it is advised to bring some garlic bread because the movie is closely based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Young American woman Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) chooses to get a DNA test after losing her mother to see if she has any other living ancestors. She meets Oliver (Hugh Skinner), a long-lost cousin, at a restaurant and discovers they are related. To meet the rest of her family at an upcoming wedding, he extends an invitation for her to go to England.

When she first arrives, Evie is astounded by her aristocratic host Walter’s (Thomas Doherty) opulent mansion. During her stay, he pursues her, and she becomes interested in him. She enquires further about the Bride and groom as the wedding day approaches, only to receive mysterious and enigmatic responses. She discovers that this family has a sinister surprise in store for her as she puts the puzzle pieces together.

Evie herself, with Walter as her intended, is revealed to be the bride-to-be. As she struggles to escape her more violent and deadly hosts, his charm rapidly becomes a menace. If Evie wants to survive to see another day, she will have to fight her way out of this nightmare.


Absolutely! The initial release of the trailer occurred on June 24, 2022, along with the theatrical debut of The Black Phone. The trailer is available to view below:

Evie’s motivations for wanting to take the DNA test and see if she has further family members are in a little more length in the trailer, as you can see. The most crucial thing it demonstrates is that Walter and the other visitors to his estate are essentially vampires. It also demonstrates the degree of brutality to be in the film. Although the fangs, blood-drinking, and stake in the chest are all hinted at in the trailer, it is clear that the film is about vampires.


How frightening is The Invitation?

Parents should know that The Invitation contains violent, graphic, and frightening scenes. A tonne of fighting, punching, beating, shooting, stabbing, and dead bodies are everywhere. After being run over by a car, a coyote killed (off-screen, it beaten with a tyre iron).

Is it worthwhile to see The Invitation?

I don’t want to tell much more than that because the movie revolves around a big dinner party that brings together friends (and lovers) who haven’t seen each other in over two years.

Does The Invitation have a real-life basis?

Asking if The Invitation is based on a true story isn’t entirely out of the question because the thrilling movie is based on a banal encounter – a dinner party with longtime friends. The Invitation is a comprehensive piece of fiction, which is fortunate.

Does The Invitation suit children?

The Invitation went alright. It’s lengthy, and the climax isn’t very frightful. A very brief buildup follows the climax of this film. Although the characters are here, and the buildup is intriguing, children under 14 will probably lose interest shortly.

What message does the movie The Invitation convey?

“The Invitation” explores grief and the self-delusion of those living in a particular social setting who think that, in Kusama’s words, “our emotional life is a faucet that you turn on and off, and that we are in control of it entirely.”

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