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When is the release date for Syndrome K? Theme And Cast

There are countless documentaries covering different WWII events. However, the stories that highlight the fantastic actions of regular individuals are the most striking and affecting. One such historical documentary, Syndrome K, depicts a startling and unexpected event at the height of the conflict. The movie tells the story of three Italian doctors who created a terrible illness to save many Jews during the Holocaust. The problem? There was no such sickness. On that, however, later.

The movie, directed by Stephen Edwards, bears the name of the fictitious ailment that the doctors invented to save the lives of innocent people. The late Ray Liotta serves as the narrator of Syndrome K as well. While the Holocaust and other WWII-era atrocities are delicate and difficult to discuss, they are also stories that must be told, which is why Syndrome K is a movie to look forward to. Additionally, if you enjoy learning about historical firsts or are a history buff, this documentary is for you.

Here is a comprehensive overview of Syndrome K’s story, trailer, developers, release date, and other information we currently know.

Syndrome K Release date

In February 2021, Syndrome K was available online in the United Kingdom. It will be made available digitally in the US starting on August 16, 2022. The documentary is available on demand or for rent on Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube Movies.

The cast of Syndrome K  

The real-life account of the three Italian physicians, Adriano Ossicini, Giovanni Borromeo, and Vittorio Sacradoti, who created the eponymous illness to save numerous Jews is told in Syndrome K. In addition to a few actors portraying a few significant figures from that time. The documentary highlights the key players involved in the conception and execution of Syndrome K and others who assisted them.

One of the most significant parts of the movie is the interviews with Dr Ossicini and the conversations with other survivors. Other personalities, including Luisa Almagia, Suzanne Brown-Fleming, Sister Shawn Pauline, and Lea Dinola, are also featured in Ossicini and Sacradoti. Characters are portrayed by actors including Martin Blanken, Alexander Bozicevich, Massi Furlan, Ryaan Rana, and Mark Valeriano, among others. Ray Liotta narrates the documentary from beginning to end.

The plot of Syndrome K  

Three brave doctors who worked in Nazi-occupied Rome during World War II saved many lives in the true-life tale of Syndrome K. To prevent many Jews from being exterminated in the death camps, they went against the Vatican, the government, and even went above and beyond what was required of them. To rescue people by lying about an illness, the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff members risked their careers and lives. The movie examines their experiences and lives in this regard. The film uses interviews, reenactments, archive footage and images of the terrifying occurrences, as well as some animation and reenactments, as we can see from the teaser.

In essence, Syndrome K is the tale of three unremarkable doctors who accomplished something so extraordinary that they deserve to live on forever. They were able to rescue so many lives by pretending to have a dangerous illness amid a deadly conflict.

Other details:

The documentary Syndrome K, a phenomenon that shook Nazi-occupied Italy during World War II, is the main focus of the real-life events surrounding it. His own Grand Council overthrew Benito Mussolini in July 1943, and Italy subsequently signed an armistice with the Allies. The Nazi party found this to be exceedingly upsetting, and in October 1943, they attacked Rome. From the Jewish Ghetto in Rome, thousands of local Jews were forcibly to Auschwitz and never again. Many sought safety at Fatebenefratelli Catholic Hospital as they struggled to survive.

Adriano Ossicini, Giovanni Borromeo, and Vittorio Sacradoti, three hospital employees who were doctors, decided to save the refugees in defiance of the Vatican’s directives. They developed a disease that would deter the Nazi officers. They asserted that the Jewish refugees had a deadly and contagious illness, which was strictly untrue. The Nazis began to fear contracting the awful disease due to the doctors’ continued promotion of it as more deadly than the plague. To limit the sickness, the doctors ordered the quarantine of the Jews. In actuality, they prevented them from being taken to the camps. The German soldiers eventually had suspicions. The medical personnel, though, was able to carry on the hoax.


The Syndrome K video transports you to the gloomy era of World War II. The clip’s opening features footage of Italy in 1943, when the Nazis controlled the nation, with Ray Liotta’s deep voice recounting the events. In Liotta’s gravelly voice, the narrator conveys the sentiment as it guides you through the unfortunate occurrences, recalling the terrible days, and then continues to the episodes around Syndrome K. Nevertheless, Syndrome K seems to be a unique and engaging story that makes you feel hopeful despite the sad subject of the Holocaust. Overall, Syndrome K doesn’t resemble your typical historical documentary. And instead, it promises to be a fascinating watch.


Who was behind Syndrome K?

Adriano Ossicini, Giovanni Borromeo, and Vittorio Sacradoti, three Roman Catholic doctors, invented a dangerous, highly imaginary illness called “Syndrome K” during the Holocaust to hide Jews from the Nazis in a hospital connected to the Vatican during World War II.

The number of persons that Giovanni Borromeo rescued

Italian physician Giovanni Borromeo was born in Rome on December 15, 1898, and died there on August 24, 1961. For saving five members of the Almagià and extended family (Clotilde and Gina Almagià, Luciana Tedesco, Claudio Tedesco, and Gabriella Ajo), Yad Vashem named him a “Righteous among the Nations” in 2004.

Who was the Four Year Plan’s author?

Hermann Goering was in 1937 to take over for Schacht. Germany was to become independently capable of fighting a war within four years. So, thanks to Goering’s introduction of the 4-year plan.

Was Syndrome K was public?

Yes, it will be available online in the UK in February 2021. And will now be out digitally in the US starting on August 16, 2022.

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