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Young Royals Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and more

The slow-burn coming-of-age Swedish queer drama, Young Royals, is all set to return with Season 2 on Netflix this November. Here’s what we know about the upcoming season of Young Royals.

Young Royals season 2 release date

The first season of Young Royals premiered on July 1, 2021, on Netflix. Since then, the Swedish school drama has garnered much attention for its portrayal of queer romance and forbidden love separated by class. Netflix confirmed the production of Young Royals season 2 on September 22, 2022. The continuation of the much-awaited LGBTQ teen drama Young Royals Season 2 release date is now out and is all set to return on November 1, 2022, with all of its cast. Season 2 will include 6 episodes with a 40–50 minute watch time. In the classic Netflix binge style, all the episodes will be available at once on the platform 

What happened in Season 1?

Young Royals Season 2 -1

The first season started with the Swedish Prince Wilhelm’s struggle to start a new chapter at the fictional Hillerska boarding school in an attempt to shed his party boy image. Things take a turn for the worse when he falls in love with a fellow classmate, Simon Eriksson. A forbidden romance separated by class starts between the two. A series of unfortunate events follow their slow-burning young royal romance. To make things worse for the prince’s reputation, the pair get stuck in a sex tape scandal. To salvage his stature, Wilhelm is forced by his parents to deny any allegations of romance. This creates a rift between the lovers, leading Simon to break up with Wilhelm.

Aftermath of Season 1

Following the cliffhanger of season 1, season 2 explores the aftermath of Wilhelm’s brother’s death and the breakup of the lead couple. Season 2 starts with everyone wanting a fresh start. A love triangle ensues as Simon finds a new beau when Wilhelm and Simon are clearly into each other. We all know Wilhelm and Simon are endgame. The second season of Young Royals is mostly about Wilhelm, who is having trouble adjusting to his new reality as Crown Prince.

Is There a Trailer?

The trailer for Season 2 is out now. Netflix dropped the trailer for Season 2 on October 18, 2022, along with the Young Royals Season 2 release date. The new trailer shows the students reuniting for another year after the break. The aftermath of the sex tape scandal still continues to haunt the ex-lovers. The awkward romantic tension between the prince and the pauper dominates. There is also a hint of a romantic triangle as Simon finds a new beau. 

The Royal Cast

Young Royals Season 2 -2

Young Royals Season 2 is set to be released on Netflix. We can expect more secrets and drama at the fictional elite boarding school. All of the Young Royals’ central cast will be returning for season 2, with Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm and Omar Rudberg as Wilhelm’s lover, Simon Eriksson. A new addition to the cast will be Tommy Wättring, who will star as Marcus, Simon’s new love interest. For the rest of the cast, Malte Grdinger plays August of Rnäs, Frida Argento plays Sara Eriksson, and Nikita Uggla plays Felice Ehrencrona.


When will Young Royals season 2 hit our screens?

Earlier this month, Netflix dropped the trailer for the much-awaited gay romance drama Young Royals. The streaming giant announced the Young Royals Season 2 release date with the trailer. The show will be available on Netflix from November 1, 2022.

Who will be in the Young Royal Season 2 cast?

All of the cast is returning for another season of friendship, ambition, love, and revenge. The lead couple is played by Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm and Omar Rudberg as Simon Eriksson. In Season 2, Simon finds a new love, Marcus, who will be played by Tommy Wättring.

Will there be a Young Royals Season 2?

Netflix renewed the LGBTQ teen drama Young Royals in September 2021 for a season 2. The Young Royals season 2 is out now. The new season is all set to premiere on November 1, 2022.

Is Young Royals Season 2 a BL Drama?

The plot of the Young Royals will follow the budding romance of Prince Wilhelm and Simon Erikson. The series is well received by the audience for its queer and boy love themes.

What language is Young Royals in?

The breakout queer drama, Young Royals, is a coming-of-age Swedish teen drama. The upcoming season, Young Royals Season 2, will be released on November 1, 2022, on Netflix.

What is Young Royals Season 2 about?

While season one explored the romance between Prince Wilhelm and Simon Erikson; Young Royals season 2 will cover the aftermath of their break and Wilhelm’s ascension to Crown Prince.

What is the Young Royals’ Season 2 age rating?

The slow-burn gay romance drama The Young Royals has some steamy romance scenes. The show has been rated TV-MA, meaning it’s not appropriate for children under the age of 17.

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