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The Patient on FX: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Nowadays, the world of entertainment is much easier to reach thanks to streaming services, and for many people, it serves as an escape from their routine life. The audience is to get fully in original narratives, put themselves in other people’s shoes, and take part in fascinating events that would not otherwise be possible. While there are many possibilities in many genres that can satisfy the urge for escapism, the psychological thriller subgenre does not meet the criteria. Even though it offers the complete opposite of what individuals could consume to escape their daily lives, it is a prevalent genre despite not having the most works out under its label.

Who doesn’t enjoy the gripping suspense, the terrifying anticipation of what will happen next, and the fantastic sense of a twist they never saw coming? This is the reason for the demand for this genre, despite its nature. The viewer is on the edge of their seats and waiting when viewing psychological thrillers, even though it’s not the most pleasant hobby.

Because they focus more on the interior thoughts and feelings of heroes and villains whose sense of reality is painfully on the verge of shifting, psychological thrillers stand out for their format. They use the audience’s anxiety to their advantage by depicting it on screen in graphic detail, making them feel much more realistic. The Patient, a forthcoming psychological thriller by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, who also worked together on the critically acclaimed FX drama The Americans, will be on television. After their initial TV project ended in 2018, the pair is making a comeback with The Patient.

The Patient’s Release date

The Patient will make its US debut on Tuesday, August 30, just on Hulu as part of what’s new in August. The limited series’ first two episodes will be immediately available on the streaming service, followed by the next eight episodes starting on September 6 and airing once a week until the finale on October 25.

The cast of The Patient  

The cast of the show is outstanding. Alexander Strauss will be by acclaimed actor Steve Carell (The Office), a prominent cast member. Sam, the patient/serial killer, will be by Domnhall Gleeson (Run), another actor who will appear with Carell in the series. Additionally, the program stars Linda Emond (Succession) as Sam’s mother Candace, David Alan Grier (The Cool Kids) as Alan’s former therapist Charlie, Andrew Leeds (The Conners) as Alan’s estranged son Ezra, Alex Rich (Succession) as Sam’s father Sam, and Laura Niemi (This Is Us) as Alan’s recently deceased wife Beth (Glow).

The plot of The Patient  

The Patient tells the tale of psychologist Alan Strauss (Steve Carell), kidnapped by Sam Fortner (Domhnall Gleeson), a serial killer who subsequently admits to holding him captive. Sam’s request for Alan to quit his murderous compulsions as part of their counseling is rare. Sam refuses to discuss serious issues and his urge to survive makes it very difficult for Alan to quiet Sam’s frenzied thoughts and stop him from killing again. Alone and imprisoned, Alan fights with storms of his personal buried concerns, including the recent death of his wife, Beth, and the terrible estrangement from his pious son, Ezra. He also recalls Charlie, his old therapist.

Along with Sam’s strong need, Alan discovers how challenging it will be for him to reconcile the rift in his own family. Alan fights tooth and nail to stop Sam before he either gets engaged in the killings or, worse yet, becomes a target himself. There isn’t much time left. The Patient will put Field and Weisberg’s creative insights, their superb grasp of characters, and their careful consideration of a well-thought-out plot on full display, highlighting Steve Carell’s outstanding talents as an actor, producer, and creative collaborator.


On July 14, the series trailer was made available on FX Networks’ YouTube channel and successfully generated viewers’ interest. Sam Fortner and his new therapist, Dr. Alan Strauss, engage in a typical therapy session as the trailer introduces the audience to the two main characters. After that, it explains Alan’s background and motivations. It is for becoming a therapist while incorporating a few scenes from his personal life; the death of his wife is highlighted in the trailer in a jump-cut edit.

As Alan tries to convince Sam that he can be fine since he is willing to attend therapy. It is to keep “hammering away at the hard stuff,” the unsettling tone of the teaser quickly increases. Sam’s more significant issues are clear within a few seconds: his drive to kill people. As Sam makes this confession, little glimpses from his past are here. Also, setting the tone for the rest of the trailer’s unsettling montage and menacing music.

Soon after, the sessions are no longer conducted in a formal environment. Also, the Patient appears to be in control. Well, because the therapist has been abducted and is now bound to a chair. Alan tries, but

While Alan tries to appear calm through his demeanor, his voice betrays him and shows his anxiety. The survival race that begins at the end of the trailer’s narrative finds Alan in a precarious predicament. He is with Sam not showing any signs of recovery.


What place may I observe the Patient?

Hulu: Online Streaming The Patient

How Many Episodes Does The Patient Have?

Ten episodes of The Patient are ready, with each episode lasting, on average, 30 minutes. The titles of the first four episodes have been public. They are, respectively, “Intake,” “Alan Learns to Meditate,” “Issues,” and “Company.”

When will the Patient be available on Hulu?

The Patient is a limited-run American psychological thriller series for FX on Hulu by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg. The first episode of the ten-episode series is ready to air on August 30, 2022.

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