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Release information, cast, synopsis, trailer, and other echoes.

In Michelle Monaghan and Matt Bomer’s newest Netflix original film, Echoes, they will be drawn into a dangerous and sinister tale. Leni and Gina Dimitri, two identical twin sisters who exchange lives and wind up with a parallel life in the Australian drama, learn that their covert plan has devastating consequences. When one of them vanishes, things get out of hand.

Vanessa Gazy, an Australian director, producer, and writer best known for inventing the 2021 television series Eden, is the creator of Echos. Along with Brian Yorkey from 13 Reasons Why, Quinton Peeples from Runaways, and Imogen Banks, Gazy is the showrunner for the Netflix miniseries. You might anticipate that this new series would adhere to one of the recurring twin-swapping themes. But as you’ll soon discover, Echoes adopts a more sinister and enigmatic tack, with a psychological thriller component to the narrative that is quite reminiscent of True Detective and The Sinner. Echoes appear to be precisely what you would want to catch up on if you enjoy murder mysteries and psychological thrillers.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Echoes’ trailer, release date, storyline, cast and characters, and everything else we know so far before the series premieres on the streaming network in August.

Echoes Release date

The Netflix original series Echos debuts on Friday, August 19, 2022. According to the most recent news, Echoes is advertised as a limited series/miniseries with seven episodes, each lasting an hour. On the day of the release, or August 19, 2022, all episodes will be available for streaming simultaneously.

The cast of Echoes  

This psychological drama mystery stars Michelle Monaghan from The Path and Matt Bomer from White Collar, along with critical supporting performances from Karen Robinson, Daniel Sunjata, Celia Weston, and Michael O’Neill. The ensemble cast includes Ali Stroker, Gable Swanlund, Jonathan Tucker, and Rosanny Zayas.

The twin sisters Leni and Gina are portrayed on screen by Michelle Monaghan, and Leni’s husband, Jack Beck, is played by Matt Bomer. Charlie Davenport is portrayed by Daniel Sunjata, while Ali Stroker, Claudia, Karen Robinson, Sheriff Louise Floss, Rosanny Zayas, Deputy Paula Martinez, Michael O’Neill, Georgia Tyler, Victor McCleary, Celia Weston, Gable Swanlund, Mattie Beck, Jonathan Tucker, and Dylan James also make appearances.

Tyner Rushing plays Maria McCleary, Victoria Abbott plays Gina, Alise Willis plays Meg, Maddie Nichols plays Natasha, Lucy Hammond plays Claudia, Onye Eme-Akwari plays Beau McMillan, and others have recurring parts. 

The plot of Echoes  

Leni and Gina, two identical twin sisters with a dangerous secret, are the subjects of Echos. Since they were little, they have switched their lives, and as adults, they now lead two separate lives. It’s like the perfect prank, which presumably began as innocent play when they were kids but was never discovered because they were never caught. Their charades kept everyone else in the dark, even their husbands, yet their schemes have never resulted in a problem in their lives. For them, everything has been going smoothly up until Leni vanishes. Everything starts to go wrong, and Gina’s life spirals out of control. 

When Gina starts receiving weird and extremely threatening texts, it seems like the secret they never shared with anybody else has come out of the bag and gotten out of control. She quickly begins investigating her sister’s disappearance because it might have been a murder. Her life becomes chaotic and strange, and the more information she seeks, the creepier it becomes.

All hell breaks loose for Gina as she encounters dead bodies, dead animals, and weird individuals. Leni either left on foot or perished. Or is Gina the target of Leni’s retaliation? Who else is aware of their plan, and what will they do to Gina? And what is Gina willing to do to maintain her long-held secret?


On July 26, 2022, Netflix released the Echoes trailer, which concludes the story in less than two minutes. The twins Leni and Gina, played by Monaghan in the trailer, appear to have an understanding with one another, but when Leni disappears, their diabolical plan comes apart. This is followed by Gina receiving threatening letters. When dead remains, including a horse, are found, the eerie narrative becomes even more complicated.

According to the trailer, viewers can expect a tense mystery thriller that would be very compelling despite being a little slow to start. It reminds me a lot of Monaghan’s earlier thriller series True Detective in terms of its general mood, which is pretty scary and powerful. The suspenseful soundtrack and dismal surroundings create the ideal atmosphere for the mystery that drives the plot. There are a few terrifying moments, and the narrative might quickly transition from a murder investigation to terrifying horror.


How many echoes episodes have there been?

There are seven episodes altogether.

Where is the movie “Echoes” being shot?

According to Cox’s Instagram story from April 20 about the project, filming got underway in earnest towards the end of April. According to reports, the show will be filmed in several Georgian cities, including Atlanta, Peach Tree City, Social Circle, and Grantville.

What is the top program on Netflix?

An arrow with a curve is pointing right. By a significant margin, “Squid Game,” a Korean-language Netflix series, is the service’s most popular TV program ever. Season four of “Stranger Things” has surpassed all other seasons on Netflix in less than four weeks.

What topic is Echoes about?

Leni and Gina, identical twin sisters, decide to switch places in their lives. However, when one of the twins disappears, it has terrible repercussions that cause both of their lives to disintegrate quickly.

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