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The rare flower Neelakurinji, which blooms once in 12 years, has covered Kerala with its beauty!

Kerala is one of the most beautiful states that’s filled with a lot of greenery and is pleasant because of its nature. Its beaches, hills, forest, and beauty make it a heaven-like place. Whenever we think of Kerala all we can imagine is its greenery and the pleasant atmosphere. It is also known as “God’s own country” as it’s blessed with nature’s beauty. Its hill stations, ayurvedic tourism are the greatest tourist spots. The reason behind the fame of Ayurveda is that the humid tropical wet climate makes it suitable for ayurvedic plants to grow. Recent analysis has also shown that there are 4500 flowering plants in Kerala, out of which 600 are medicinal plants. Indeed the name “God’s Own Country” fits it well!

Now recently, one of the rarest flowers has also blossomed in Kerala, making it even more beautiful. The rare flower, named Neelakurinji, that blossoms once in 12 years has covered the region with its beauty. The amazing tiny blue flowers have bloomed and made a “ blue carpet-like” look on Santhanpara Shalom Hills in the Idukki district of  Kerala. The beautiful flowers online bloom in the months from July to October. This time the Neelakurinji flower has bloomed over 10 acres.

A short description of the Neelakurinji flower:

The scientific name of this beautiful purplish-blue flower Neelakurinji is Strobilanthes Kunthiana. In the name Neelakurinji, ‘Neel’ means the blue color and ‘kurinji’ is the name of the local flower. This flower only blooms once in 12 years between July to October. The amazing fact is that Nilgiri Hills got its name from this special flower as it grows there too. It usually grows in South India, that is, mostly in the Shola forests in the Western Ghats in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The honey collected from this flower tastes good and also has some medicinal uses. As per some observations, there are at least 46 species of Kurinji flowers in India.

The video of the beautiful blossomed flowers was a post made by the news channel ANI on Twitter. The video showed the flowers swaying by the winds between green grass. Let’s just say the video got filled with beauty itself. “Santhanpara Shalom hills under Santhanpara Panchayat in Kerala’s Idukki are covered in hues of blue as Neelakurinji flowers bloom which occur once every 12 years.” ANI captioned it.

As it may sound so attractive, but unfortunately due to the spread of covid-19, these hills are not open for tourists. Binu Paul, a native who studies the biodiversity of Idukki shared “this time owing to covid, tourists are not allowed to visit the hills. The flowering of neelakurinji known as a strobilanthes kunthiana is special for the people on Idukki. But along with it, efforts must be taken to conserve such biodiversity.”

The isolated flowering of Neelakurinji came to spot on Kizhakkethil and Puttady Hills last month. Last year, the isolated flowering was also seen in Pushpakandam Anakkara Mettu hills, located in the Western Ghats, which borders Tamil Nadu and Puttady. According to some research, these isolated flowerings take place in various places in the Western Ghats, during different seasons.

When will the next neelakurinji bloom?

Neelakurinji was first sighted in 2006 then it was the next witnessed in the year 2016. As the flower blooms in 12 years, the state government has declared that particular year when the flower blooms as the year of kurinji. Kurinji bloom in Munnar in 2006 then next in the year 2018 that is exactly after 12 years. So the next blooming in Munnar will be in 2030. And similarly, the next blooming in Idukki’s Shalom Hills will be in the year 2033.



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