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Twitter partners with AP and Reuters to highlight important information and battle misinformation on its platform.

As the spread of misleading information or news has increased a lot, this may lead to disputes and chaos until real evidence gets circulated. so to stop the spread of wrong information has really become important for now. And Twitter has taken a great initiative to stop this by collaborating with some news sites.

On Monday, 2nd August, Twitter officially announced its partnership with The Association Press (AP) and returns which are the news organizations that have to put effort into highlighting the important news and information and battling the misinformation on the Twitter platform. This will help to spread information quickly on social networking sites and will fight against the spread of misinformation. This will be the first time that Twitter collaborates with such news sites. Earlier Facebook has also worked with AP and Reuters.

Like any other social media platform, Twitter too has pressure to remove misleading information from its site and provide reliable information and news. In fact, to fight against misinformation, Twitter also started a campaign in which it asked users to identify misleading and misleading tweets. This campaign got the name birdwatch. But birdwatch is only available in the US for now.

What will be the changes after the collaboration?

The curation team will now work to add more information to the top trends and other news on Twitter explore tab. Now, this thing will also help to give the information about the ranking of the search results so that the most informative and High-quality searches are at the top when it gets searched up on Twitter. Twitter users can also see the trending topics with small descriptions and also links added to them, which is amazing. The most important part is that they will decrease the spread of misleading information about one topic. This collaboration will help to improve other Twitter products and all the initiatives. Simply, this will mostly help in the circumstances when the growing conversation happens on Twitter that may be controversial, so at that time the curation team will find and promote relevant context from trustable sources. So the partnership will be in action when accurate information is available at the moment when the “facts are in dispute”.

But Twitter, the Association Press (AP), and Reuters, a division of information services company Thomson Reuters Corp., will work separately and the newswires will not interact with each other.

Hazel Baker, global head of UGC newsgathering at Reuters said ” Trust, accuracy, and impartiality are the heart of what Reuters does every day… Those values also drive our commitment to stopping the spread of misinformation”.

“We are particularly excited about leveraging AP’s scale and speed to add context to online conversations which can benefit from easy access to the facts”, Tom Januszewski, vice president of global business development at AP, said this statement.

Twitter said, “rather than waiting until something gets viral Twitter will contextualize developing discourse at pace with or in anticipation of the public conversation”.

Let’s say that Twitter has taken a really good initiative by collaborating with these two news sites and taking a step to block all types of information that misleads a particular controversy. Misleading a particular type of controversy or even a piece of simple information can always lead to chaos. And in addition to this, nowadays the spread of misleading information has increased a lot which has already created chaos as people get distracted easily by that misleading news. So to avoid this chaos and to avoid any other or more controversies from that particular misleading information, it is really good too to filter out the misleading information or news and collect only the reliable and trustable information.



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