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The Trailer: Mission Impossible- dead reckoning part one 

Finally, the first Mission Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One trailer has been released.

In typical Tom Cruise style, the first trailer for the eagerly awaited entry in the multi-billion dollar action-spy franchise is packed to the gills with exploding action and jaw-dropping stunts.

Following an alleged leak over the weekend, the official Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One trailer was released. Users who posted the breach on Twitter were swiftly hit with a copyright takedown. (The Paramount movie’s first trailer was formally shown at CinemaCon last month.)

Cruise reprises his role as IMF agent Ethan Hunt from the 1996 movie adaptation of the well-liked television series Dead Reckoning Part One. The seventh overall installment of the series is noteworthy since it is the first sequel to reintroduce IMF director Eugene Kittridge. 

Release Date

Release in theatres of the most recent installment of the hugely successful franchise, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, is scheduled for July 14, 2023.

A Tip Leading To A Mysterious Key

The main protagonists may be seen holding a key in several stills from the teaser. When Ethan Hunt is checking Ilsa out, the key initially appears around her neck.

Ethan is holding the key in front of Hayley Atwell’s persona the second time. This key appears to be necessary to enter either facility. On the other hand, it may also be a McGuffin.

Bringing Back The Sandstorm

One of the finest Mission: Impossible films to date, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is known for its famous Burj Khalifa sandstorm sequence. Although it’s not entirely obvious which desert or area the sandstorm is returning to in the first few trailer stills, it does.

Given how many sequences in the trailer are set in the desert, it appears to be important to the plot. The horse pursuit that leads right into the sandstorm is another intriguing aspect of this episode.

Sequence with Italian Job Influence

Tom Cruise appears to be driving a bright yellow automobile in the opening few frames of the teaser, which depict a car pursuit in the midst of a city, maybe in France or Italy. It will be fascinating to see how the production company differentiates this from other automobile chases, which are perhaps some of the most memorable scenes in practically every Mission: Impossible film.

There is also a hint that the vehicle may be capable of self-driving, which may potentially add another aspect to the entire process. It may also elevate Tom Cruise’s latest action film, Dead Reckoning, to the top of the list.

Kittridge Has Returned

The Mission: Impossible series is renowned for bringing back characters and connecting its new films to their previous ones. In keeping with this pattern, we observe Kittridge’s return in one clip (and not just for Part 1 – he is also slated to come back for Part 2 as well).

Kittridge is making a comeback following the first Mission: Impossible (which could create some interesting turns in the story for this one). It appears that every Mission: Impossible story detail will need to be recapped for this episode, though.

False Eye-Patch

The returning character Ilsa Faust, portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson, may be seen sporting an eye patch in one of the sequences. Some fans speculated that she would end up getting hurt on one of their missions because the teaser offered no indications as to how this might occur.

But she can also be seen in the stills with a sniper weapon, which she is probably going to use to shoot the horseback horsemen pursuing Ethan Hunt. The eye patch could only be there to help her focus and aim better. Not to be overlooked is the bravery of Ilsa, one of the IMF’s operatives.

A Strange New Character

A Mission Impossible – Dead Rocking Part One wouldn’t exist without introducing a new antagonist or character. This time, someone who appears to be an ally of Kittridge is seen handing him a mask.

It may be assumed that Kittridge receives the mask right before this new individual tosses the grenades, which emit a green smoke. It has not yet been established how this new figure could be related to Kittridge.

Possibly a villain, Pom Klementieff

Whether Pom Klementieff would play a hero or a villain in the film was mostly kept a secret when the news of her casting in the film first broke. The few clips from the teaser that have been released provide quite a fair picture of who her character may be.

It appears that Klementieff will portray a villain based on the action sequences and artistic decisions (possibly one of the assassins of Kittridge). Klementieff appears to be going to be a big obstacle to Ethan Hunt’s goal.

FAQ’s on Mission Impossible 

Is Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning the final installment?

It is a direct sequel to Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023) and the eighth and final entry in the Mission: Impossible film series. It is based on the television series Mission: Impossible by Bruce Geller.

In what location was Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning shot?

Derbyshire is another area where Dead Reckoning Part 1 of the Mission: Impossible series was filmed.

Does Netflix have Mission: Impossible?

There are now several Mission: Impossible films on Netflix

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