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Video of a girl beating a cab driver In Lucknow goes viral!

We come across many videos and social media in our day-to-day life. Some videos are sweet to watch but there are some videos that are heartbreaking and which can also stimulate anger. Some people upload cute videos which include kind gestures of people towards each other, while some people upload videos where people are fighting with each other or fighting with the policeman, or arguing with any cab driver, auto driver, or any other person. Similarly, a video of a girl continuously beating a cab driver has recently gone viral and people have started reacting.

In the video, a girl was continuously slapping a cab driver in the middle of the road in Lucknow. Although the video’s date is not mentioned, it has recently gone viral widely on every social media platform. In this video, while the girl was slapping the cab driver in the middle of the road the traffic police also tried to stop her but the girl continued slapping and hitting the cab driver. People from the background were trying to stop her, and also some people criticized her and called her mannerless. Some people even questioned that if a guy slapped a girl like this would everyone just stand and look. A man also tried to stop the girl but the girl slapped him too. When the people asked the reason for beating the cab driver, she said that the cab driver’s car hit her. According to some reports, the girl escaped from an accident but the cab driver stepped out of the vehicle, verbally abused the girl, and tried to escape. But the traffic police officers stopped the cab. As soon as he stepped out of the car, the girl grabbed his collar and started slapping him.

Although the cab driver also had a fault in this scenario, the girl crossed her limit too. According to the reactions of people on this, people said if people just imagine and swap the genders, would the scenario still be so calm? And also, some people criticized her for slapping the man who was trying to stop her, as the man was not even a part of this incident. While some netizens are waiting for clarification as nothing was clearly proved by the clipping.

From some CCTV footage that went viral on Twitter, netizens say that the girl started crossing the road when the vehicles were moving. But still, nothing is provable clearly with the help of these clips.

Netizens have started getting angry and started demanding UP police to arrest the women for acting in such a way against the health plus cab driver. But according to some reports, UP police have filed a case against the driver but not the woman. After this news netizens are even angrier and have started trending #ArrestLucknowGirl 

Here are some of the responses of netizens to the video:

  • “Calling of feminist to support the cab driver in #lucknow assault case! He may not be famous but while men support feminist movements, men also deserve full support where warranted”
  • ” Here is the complete video. She slapped the middle man who came to help that man only because she is female. The police only give her a warning and let her go…who will pay for his phone and side mirror. That guy does not even slap her but she slapped him 18 times in a row” the user posted along with the video.
  • “The police booked two guys but they just gave a warning to that girl. In India this is a norm, girls can get away by assaulting men in public. Police take action then the court will reverse the decision in favor of women.”

Many Twitter users questioned that if we imagine and swap the genders, would the reaction of the people still be the same?



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