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Uber India launches corporate shuttle service as employees return to office

The spread of coronavirus had led to many restrictions such as closing offices temporarily and telling the employees to work from home. There was a time when coronavirus was increasing and the number of covid-19 affected cases were increasing continuously. Many measures were taken to reduce the spread of coronavirus. As the vaccines are now available and because of restrictions the spread of coronavirus has reduced to an extent some of the companies have decided to open their offices and let the employees come directly to the office. 

But still many measures are taken so that the spread of coronavirus will not increase once again so it is also requested of the employees to get vaccinated before entering or working in the office. So people have now started returning to office Uber the ride hailing platform on Wednesday also announced the launch of its services of a corporate shuttle so that they can help them to get to and from work along with the safety and at affordable price in these testing times. So now these corporate shuttle services will be available across many states such as Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru. 

What is this corporate shuttle service? The corporate shuttle is a customised commute service that the ride hailing app uber India is offering to several companies out there. This service will be spread across many companies as possible for the convenience of the employees. Sona aneka the seating capacity is anywhere between 10 to 50.

As per the statement which was released on Wednesday Uber company said that the company is using Uber core Technology so that they can ensure a reliable safe and the a very affordable ride this service will help the companies to deliver on their sustainability goals and will also help the decongest cities, thus resulting in to reduce the pollution and the free of the office parking spaces.

As we say that nothing more than safety is a more important or we can say that safety is a top priority for everyone, Uber has surely kept this in mind and the company also stated that this service will include a comprehensive set of safety measures which includes some measures like a go online checklist, mandatory mask policy for both riders and also the drivers, a pre tip mask verification selfies for drivers and also important and mandatory driver education on safety SOPs. 

Abhinav Mittoo, the head of Uber for business India and South Asia, while commenting on the launch of Uber corporate shuttle service said that, “at Uber we are focused on meeting the changing needs of our customers. Uber corporate shuttle helps companies to put their employees first. They get to and from work safely without the stress of traffic jams expense of parking and car maintenance.” Further in his statement he also added that, “and by making it easy for employees to give up their cars the service can reduce congestion, pollution and emissions in our cities. It is an honour to help India get back to work safely after a tough 20 months.”

Further in his statement it was also mentioned that this is the first product from the program of Uber high capacity vehicles that is to be launched in India. This high capacity vehicle program is specially developed by keeping in mind the unique challenges which are faced by the employees and office goers in India and other emerging markets.

The statement also added that a significant share of the work which is related to the technology and product to build out for Uber corporate shuttle is actively being led by the technology team of Uber which is based out of Bangalore. The Uber for business platforms launched in 2014 helps to bring Uber’s innovations and solutions to organisations globally at scale.

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