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Us along with the contributions by other countries will be sending a satellite to patrol space.

Over the years we have seen the development of Science and technology to such an extent that many countries love to explore outer space now. Well the moon is going to take some heat in the future as many reports state. Also, as per different sources the United States wanted to expand its military capabilities. We have known about the strong military abilities of the country and how they want to make it much stronger every single time.

Another mission to the Moon?

Well as per the reports the government wanted to monitor the space beyond all the existing limits. It is between Earth and Moon and the reports are now going very viral on several social media platforms. According to the sources, The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Is showing our interest in this project. Well the AFRL wants to actually be a part of this project in order to monitor the space between the Earth and Moon. That is beyond the region where satellites really exist or around our planet. 

It is through the Cislunar Highway Patrol System (CHPS). This plan of the AFRL was known when they came up with the new amazing video. The newly released video by AFRL shows us the Cislunar space. It is where all the satellites orbit around our planet earth. Well it is located around 35,405 kilometers that is 22,000 miles above the surface of the earth. Talking about the new satellite and how it works we can get to know little about it in the newly released video. In the video clip, AFRL statex that in the upcoming decades Moon will have to go through more traffic. 

NASA’s new project!

The courtesy of NASA, along with Russian and Chinese space programmes are a part of it. Now, even the commercial companies are being a part of this project in order to send expeditions to the Moon. Talking about NASA’s upcoming Artemis mission, they want to send American astronauts. They are planning to send the astronauts to the Moon’s surface again. The original plan of the team is to hope to find and set up a “long-term presence”. That is on Earth’s natural satellite moon. Also according to the sources countries like Russia and China are partnering to contribute to the research base for the Moon. 

The US’ CHPS project is aiming to send a rocket from Earth. Then this rocket is set to release a satellite which will travel for the. Well, as per the reports the satellite will be able to go ahead in space then come but all the other traditional satellites. Also, so approximately it will be reaching about 384,633 kilometers (239,000 miles) far. Well India is also planning to have more moon missions to come true in future. The Chandrayaan-3 is highly expected to take off in the middle of 2022. Well, developing it on the lessons of Chandrayaan-2. Also, the mission is not manned. Also it may consist of a lander and a rover.

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