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Ways to recover quickly after getting infected by the coronavirus!

The coronavirus has become a fear for everyone out there. Many of them got infected by coronavirus but there were also many of them who recovered safely from it. Usually, recovering takes about 2 weeks for mild cases and a month for those who got kind of a severe infection. Although the body is recovered from coronavirus, still there can be a weakness in your body and sometimes you can feel some mild symptoms. So, to take care of yourself more and to recover fully from your weakness, you have to make sure that you still care for yourself the most and take health checkups for a while.

Some of the measures to take care of yourself after recovering from coronavirus infection:

Have a good rest:

Even though you may have recovered from COVID-19, there can still be some symptoms of it in your body. Doctors have suggested taking rest for almost 7 days to fully recover from even small symptoms. Sometimes, even the symptoms may not be seen but the virus may be inside your body. So it’s better to be isolated for some days. So it’s important to take a rest for complete recovery. Avoid mental stress as your body is weak it may affect you.

good rest

Have a good diet plan:

Having healthy foods will always help for a speedy recovery and also boost up your strength. Don’t forget to include foods that have a lot of proteins such as chicken stew, boiled eggs, lentils, etc. Proteins help to strengthen your body. Having small portions of food every day would help for easy digestion and having plenty of water can help the body to be energized and also helps to stay hydrated. Also, have some immunity boosters to boost up your immunity and to make your body fit enough. Don’t forget to include plenty of food and vegetables in your meals.

good diet plan


Exercising just after recovering may be difficult with a weak body. But it proves really helpful to get a speedy recovery. It will also help you to have good blood circulation and also helps you to maintain a good oxygen level. It will also help you to have a great mood lift. But keep in mind that don’t push yourself to do exercises. Rather just do simple and your favorite exercise that you may feel is good enough to maintain your body and can lead to a speedy recovery.


Check your oxygen levels and also check for some symptoms:

Check your oxygen levels frequently with the help of an oximeter to keep track of them. Unknowingly, due to covid, there may be lung damage. If your oxygen level falls below 90, kindly have a visit to a doctor. As mentioned earlier, sometimes even after recovering, there may be some symptoms still present. So keep track of it and check if you have any symptoms even if it is mild. If you can feel some symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, tightness in the chest, it is advised to visit a doctor as soon as possible.



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